Thursday, September 01, 2022

Good afternoon! Happy September! They say September is the beginning of the meteorological Fall, and I would say today with a high of 71, that is surely the case! Soooooooo refreshing!!!

I am here with an update from the end of July and the month of August:
On July 30, we had the MOST wonderful Meserve family reunion hosted by my second cousin Stephen and his wife Debbie at their most beautiful lake front property on Ossipee lake. There were 61+ people in attendance!  My Dad, David, is 84 and the youngest boy of the Frank Meserve family of 13. His sister Pat is 81, and the youngest. They are the only remaining siblings! What a wonderful time of fellowship we had! A year or so ago, we purposed to get together for something other than a funeral!! It was such a blessing!

Okay, I know I already posted about the reunion, but it was soooooooo wonderful......I had to share it again!!!

At the beginning of August, Nicole and I started a new beach body workout program called Lift More. It uses an adjustable weight bench and dumbbells! Oh how I've missed dumbbell workouts!!  It's awesome, and we love it! It's 5 days a week, 45 minutes a session for 8 weeks and we do it around 5:30 a.m., before the craziness around here gets started! We have an awesome little gym set up in our basement. It works super well for us. 

10 years ago on August 9th,  my Mama went to heaven, after her courageous 12 year battle with cancer. She would always say, "I know where I've been and I know where I'm going.". I miss her like crazy every single day, but I know she is with her Saviour, and I will see her again some day! The two pictures below are in February,  in Florida. We had an AWESOME visit with her and my Dad at their home. She had her best winter! So thankful we cherished that time as she would only live a few months after returning to NH in the Spring. 

We have super enjoyed watching the monarch caterpillars enjoy the milkweed right outside our front door! What a miracle!!

In mid August, we headed to Schroon Lake NY to attend Jonathan's graduation from Word of Life Bible Institute. What a blessing! Elisha came, and Brittany and Maddie and their families came for the day. We had a wonderful time! We stayed at the campground in a little cabin. It was awesome! 

Then a week later, we headed to our beloved Joni and Friends Family Retreat in Greenfield, NH. This was by far the BEST week of Joni and Friends we have been to! Rosie's sister Faith got to come with us, and she accepted the Lord on the final day! The night before, she and I were walking back to the cabin. Everyone else was already in the cabin. It was a beautiful night. She looked up at the sky and started crying. She said to me..."I have NEVER seen the stars before!"....
"I've only ever seen them in pictures in a book." I then had a chance to talk at length with her about God and how He made the starts and He made her, too, and He loves her so much! What a blessing to plant the seed and for God to provide the increase the very next day! Wow!

It's really been an amazing summer! God has made a way for Jerry to attend the Monarch school in Rochester, NH! Meira and Peppy will head back to Barnstead Elementary school. Nicole and Rosie will be in our homeschool. We are headed back to our favorite co-op at Epsom Bible Church this Fall. 

Another exciting thing in October is that we are taking part in the Joni and Friends Walk N Roll. It's one of their biggest fundraisers! Would you like to give our team a donation?? That would be awesome! Click  HERE

God has been so very good to us!  Thank you for reading!!

Thursday, August 04, 2022

Good afternoon! 

Well, it's Thursday, and it's 98 degrees outside here!! I really should be gardening, but I can NOT bring myself to go outside right now. Maybe if it cools off in a bit. So for now, I'd love to chat awhile! 

On Saturday, July 30th, we had a Meserve family reunion at Ossipee lake. It was WONDERFUL!! There were about 61 of us there. What a great location and an awesome time! 

Do you see these two?? Aunt Pat, age 81, and my Dad, (David), age 84. They are the youngest of 13 and they are the only 2 remaining siblings. What a heritage they have! What a blessing to get together for a happy occasion and not a memorial service!

Rosie and Faith. Sisters forever, yet just meeting for the first time a few short years ago! Sooooo thankful how God put them together and He worked out all of the details. Faith lives with her adoptive family in Salem, NH. We try and get her once a week this summer so they can spend the day together! It's such a blessing! Faith is 11 months older than Rose. They truly could be twins! They have started: "Sister's smoothie company" when Faith is here! They work together so well!
On one of Faith's visits, we stopped and visited their great grandmother Marilyn, their sister Sage and brother Josh! Such a blessing!

When Faith is here, she LOVES to be outside and check the eggs and visit with the chickens!

This year we have a LOT of milkweed right outside our front door! There are many monarch caterpillars! What a blessing to get to watch them turn into beautiful butterflies!

Tuesday night we went to National Night Out in Concord. Nicole's Sea Cadet unit had a table there. It was a LOT of fun!!

This morning, for our workout, Nicole and I went rucking! That is my absolute favorite type of exercise! It's walking with a weighted back pack. It's sooooooo therapeutic!! My pack weights 55 lbs. I'm definitely adding this back into my routine! 

Okay, peeps. It's 3 degrees cooler. I'm headed to the garden with lots of water to drink!!

See you soon!


Saturday, July 23, 2022

A much needed respite day at the beach!

Friday I decided to go to one of my favorite places.  The ocean. We went to short sands in t u. It was absolutely glorious! Boogie boarding, tide pooling, enjoying God's creation!! Take a peek...