Friday, December 21, 2012

Praising God for Wonderful New Photos!!!

Join us in praising the Lord for some awesome new photos of our precious Zoey! Oh my goodness! They couldn't have come at a more perfect time! Such an incredible encouragement! They were just taken yesterday by the visiting team at Zoey's orphanage! Thank you God! Here is what our agency contact had to say about the ! We also got to amazing videos, too! I am not able to post them on here using my Macbook. I'll post them to the blog using my daughter's laptop tomorrow, hopefully!

 "Here are photos and  videos of Zoey that were taken yesterday. She is smiling, watching the people talking to her and she opens her hand when someone is rubbing her arm...which is a good indicator that a lack of physical therapy is probably a cause for the lack of arm movement.
She is beautiful!!!!
I am going to share one of these photos on my face book page for everyone who advocated for her to see. I will also share your blog link for those who want to "meet" her family :)"

This was the ONLY photo of Zoey when we committed to her! We fell in love with this tiny pink bundle. We actually thought she may be brown skinned by looking at this photo. What a difference a better photo makes!

Check out our beautiful little girl!!! She actually has blond hair, VERY fair skin, and HUGE eyes! Wow!!!
 Still super tiny, and still needing to be rescued as soon as possible, but we are so encouraged this day by these precious photos! They really are worth 1,000 words!
I'll try and get the videos up soon! You have GOT to see her beautiful smile!
Thank you Lord! This is an incredible Christmas gift! What a blessing to read and see that she is responding to people, and that she has arm movement, too!

Another blessing of the day of many blessings, is that our agency put me in touch with a woman who just brought a little 4 year old girl home from the same orphanage as Zoey. She has been home less than 1 month and her body has increased in size 30%! The Mom emailed me a before and after photo!  There is an incredible difference! Wow!! Again we stand amazed!! Thank you God!!

Love to you!

Mary for the Winslow Family


Anonymous said...

She is SO beautiful! These pictures are a wonderful Christmas gift to your sweet family!!! We love you Zoey!
Gary & Karis :)

julie said...

What a blessing! Thank you God for the blessing of encouragement!
Praying for your family, Julie Johnson

Hope Rising Farm said...

Yeah Winslow family....Merry Cristmas from God himself! She is beautiful...can't wait to see her in person!!

TnL said...

I came across your blog through RR. You have a beautiful family. We will be praying for your family especially your two newest treasures. I can't wait to see the beautiful girl this time next year. She probably will not even be recognizable with her chubby face and gorgeous blonde hair. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Zoey is *beautiful*! Wonderful to hear about her responsiveness... her transformation in your loving family will be amazing to see! - Karen Armstrong