Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Grace Has Decided......October 27, 2010

 On Monday Grace said to me, "Mom, I would like to be baptized to show to others my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ."

Well...I reminded her that it was October 25, and that there might not be an opportunity outdoors until the Spring. She did NOT want to wait. 

Our church fellowship has had some baptisms in a big black tub using hot water to fill it. So that was an option.

Then the Lord saw fit to give us two days of 70 degree weather in a row. "How about Wednesday night at Aunt France's camp?", I asked her. "Would that be okay?"..."Oh yes, Mama, I would love that!", said Grace.

And so it was...tonight, with the crowd of witnesses of her siblings and parents, Grace Mikaelle Inolan Winslow was baptized, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

After the baptism ceremony we all joined in singing: I Have Decided To Follow Jesus. May there be "no turning back", Grace! We love you!

Can you see the JOY? ...and yes...I believe they were a bit cold, too, but neither the rain, nor the cold water could dampen the joy in obeying the Lord!

Grace remembers well the day of her salvation at the age of 8 in Haiti. Under the encouragement of Mama  Robere' her Christian nanny, she accepted the Lord Jesus. She also remembers a celebration meal of spaghetti with a special sauce which had hotdogs in it. honor of her baptism, we served that very meal. It was delicious!  May God Bless you richly dear Grace as you follow Him!

And He Shall Be Named Christopher--which means--Christ Bearer

Here is Maddie as Christoper Columbus
 In honor of Columbus Day, October 12th, we've been doing a unit on Christopher Columbus for this entire month. We've learned many exciting things about him. The kids have put on two plays about him, too. 

Did you know??
*His mother felt that her new-born son had a great mission to do for God. She knew that he would some day do great things and bring God's light and His truth to far-off lands. 
*It is for this reason that she named him Christopher--"Christo-ferens", which means the "Christ Bearer".
*When Christopher was a young man he read in his Bible in the book of John. He came to chapter 10. Jesus was teaching His disciples and he said..."I am the good shepherd. There are other sheep I have, which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice, and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd. "Christoper realized then that there were other people in the world that no one else knew about, and he felt his mission from God was to find them.

Here Christopher is pondering the far off lands and how to get there.

He prays about it, and has an idea!

His pockets are empty and so he decides to take a trip and try and find some money for the trip.

His first stop...England and King John II--He explains he has no money, but the king denies him his request.

Next stop...Spain...and King Ferdinand

And the lovely Queen Isabella

Columbus explains his needs and the king and queen ponder it for quite some time. They end up having to say no.

 Did you know, though, that Columbus didn't stop there? He ended up going back to the king and queen multiple times over the next many years. It was finally when he pleaded with Queen Isabella and shared the bible verses with her about the lost sheep that she finally asked her treasurer what she could do.
Here she consults with her treasurer. All that is left in the treasure box is her precious jewelry. She decides to sell it to help Columbus. Just then she hears about Spain winning a battle and having more gold. She sends the messenger off to find Columbus.
The messenger finds a sad Columbus and gives him the great news!
Columbus rides his mule quickly to the queen!

Queen Isabella makes him Admiral Christopher Columbus! God has answered his prayers!

See how strong Admiral Columbus is! He'll do a mighty work!
Meet the cast!

The children had a marvelous time performing this play for Daddy one evening after supper. The story doesn't stop there, though, we learned all about the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. We learned how Columbus depended fully on God even as to what direction to sail toward the new land, even when those thought he was crazy for headed in the "wrong" direction. We learned how God directed his path and delivered he and his crew safely to the new land. We learned that he named the new land: San Salvador--"Island of the Holy Savior".

The children acted out another play for Daddy and our friend Martha the next week of the voyage to the new land.

This is a quote from Christopher Columbus:
"I believe with all my heart that I am on an errand for my God--and I can not fail!"

This my dear readers is the beauty of homeschooling. These are wonderful truths not taught in our public schools today.  

Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day Weekend Camping------A first for us!

We have so enjoyed our camping time this summer. We had been able to take 3 lovely camping trips! 2 to Freedom Acres campground and a Labor Day trip to Ellacoya State park. (see older posts for details of those trips). We were all so excited, though, when Glenn said we could book a Columbus Day weekend trip to Pawtuckaway State Park in Raymond. This is, by far, our favorite camping location! There are no electrical or water hook ups at all, and the kids loved it! Enjoy our photo journal of our wonderful weekend! We just returned home this afternoon!

We love our sign that our dear friend Rhonda made us! We proudly displayed it at site #13 on Horse Island!

An investment before this camping trip....our easy up awning! We LOVE it!

We enjoy many quiet times around the camp fire!

Everything always tastes better outdoors!

All of the paths and roads between the camp sites are paved, which made for super scooter and bicycling fun!

Another camping favorite---Games!

Grace is teaching herself to crochet!

Give a boy a rock...and have all manner of imaginary things!

Ask and it shall be given....Menu change for Friday night. Glenn asked for cheeseburgers...and he got his wish! Yum! Nothin' like flame broiled cheeseburgers in the great outdoors!

Family bonding is so much fun!

We played a rousing game of:  "I'm going on a camping trip and I'm going to bring---Here is our list:  Armadillo, Baby, Cantaloupe, Dalmation, Earwig, French Fries, Grill, Hazled Coffe, Iced Frappacino, The Janak Family, a Kite, A Limping Man, A Melon Baller, A Nice dish from Nolie's Cafe, An Olympic Fiancee', A Pop Up Camper, A Quizno's Sub, A Red Lantern, Sacagewa, Tikki Torch, Universalist Unitarian Woman Minister, Volvo, Xylophone, Yhangzee Fever, and Zack from the Emergency Room. Such Fun!

Many hands make light work...we all help out to get meals ready!

Glenn joins in the scooter fun!

Our friends the Lowman's join us on Saturday for the day. We enjoyed a lovely lunch together, a 6 mile hike to the fire tower, time at the playground, and a wonderful pot luck dinner with the finishing touch of s'mores and Aggy's brownies!

Meet Melody....

The three amigos!

Bran...Bran...The Monkey Man!

We love you Aggy!

All bundled up for the hike! Yes...It was super cold and windy!

Before the hike!

We are almost there! Yeah!

The view was incredible and sooooo worth the effort!

Us Winslows at the top!

The Lowman's at the top. Fire tower in the background! The brave group, (minus me...super afraid of heights), climbed up the fire tower and got to see the view first hand! Thank you Maddie for taking pictures for me!

The whole gang!

All of the kiddos!

After the 6 mile hike! A bit tuckered out! Time for our pot luck supper!

We had tortellini soup, and chili, and garlic bread, s'mores and brownies! Yum! Fun, Food, and Fellowship!

Yes...we went to church on Sunday....Time for church clothes!

 Thank you so much Glenn, for taking us camping! We plan to go again next year!