Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mr. Bacon makes his home at Grace Abounding Farm!

Hooray for Elisha! She got a pig at the pig scramble and now, Mr. Bacon resides happily (we think) at Grace Abounding Farm next to the chicken coop. Oh the way...there are 6 new "girls" in town in the chicken coop, too! 6 Golden Comet hens joined our farm yesterday, too!

The new "girls"!!!

Mr. Bacon!!

Feeling right at home! Thank you Lowman family for the hog panels!

Mr. Bacon says..."Thank you Glenn for my new home!" at least he feels that way, now!

The Deerfireld Fair--2012! Rainy but still super fun!

This year we enjoyed going to the fair for the 2nd year in a row with my brother Mike from Hawaii. He was in Washington, DC on business, and that made him much closer to us. We were sooooo excited when we learned on Tuesday that he'd be coming in on Thursday night! Even though it rained the entire day we were at the fair, we still had a great time! Take a peek!

The whole gang in front of the pig barn! An annual photo op!

Just had to capture a photo of this pig named Rosie! She's going to have babies!

Petting barn fun!

The pig scramble begins! Ages 11-13. You have to enter your name before 1:00. The scramble begins at 2:00.

Even though there were over 100 kids entered, Elisha gets picked for the 1st round of six kids! 

Rosie gets a diaper change in the sheep tent!

Our friends the Kidder family and their Alpacas.

Curly Q  fries are a yearly tradition!

Nicole picked loaded fries for her snack! Yum!

Rosie even enjoyed a nap! She LOVES the backpack! It's one of the best yard sale finds this year!

Nicole adds to her healthy eating for the day with deep fried Oreos!

Wet but still having fun! Some vendors shut down due to flooding!

soup in a bread bowl for uncle Mike!

World record pumpkin at the fair this year at over 1,800 pounds!

My friend Caroline demonstrates the art of spinning in the Farm Museum!

Elisha's pig....number 12!

Still smiling at 8:45 pm! Homeward bound we are!
 So we had a wonderful day at the fair. It will go down on record as the wettest day we've ever had there, but it didn't dampen our fun! This year was Rosie's first fair experience and she did great!