Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our 1st 5K of the year! Such a blessing!

On Saturday, the 21st, Madelyn and Grace and I ran our first 5K of the year. It was the Stoneyfield Yogurt Earth Day 5K. We hadn't run this one before, but it was recommended by a dear friend of mine as a really nice family friendly one, with lots of great things for the kids to do. So....we trekked down to Londonderry as a family on Saturday morning.

We had never been to Stoneyfield's location before. It's quite nice!

 The morning started with the 5K at 10:00. Instead of a starting gun, they started the race with a starting "Moo!" was sooo cool! There were over 1,200 runners and walkers!

1st across the finish line as usual was Grace---with a time of 36:04.

Next across the finish line was Madelyn---her time was:  45:21. There were so many nice touches at this volunteers right at the finish line giving out cups of nice cold water! Nothing tastes better!!

Pulling up the rear for our family was time was:  50:55. Not my best time by far, but not bad for having done no running at all this winter! I had only started training for this a few weeks before and had only run the full 5K one time.

They offered a really cool kids fun run, and here is Edward ready to run it with Nicole to cheer her on! She did really well!

Here is Jon running in his heat. He's in the upper right hand corner! Cool action shot!
Here is Madelyn cheering Jon on after he finished his age group's fun run!

 After the run, they had family fair---it was all totally free! It was wonderful! Lots of Stoneyfield samples, a hotdog lunch, and many other yummy goodies to try! They had a free kid's climbing wall, which they younger kids LOVED!!

It truly was a lovely family outing! One of Rosie's first official outings with us! She did really well!

 Since we don't get to Manchester very often, we went and got some pool supplies, and then took Rosie to the Elliot Hospital to visit the NICU and see all of the wonderful nurses who took such good care of her, and to show them how much she had grown! She was officially 3 months old that day!

That evening we ended the day with a wonderful dinner party and had my cousin Pete Cavanaugh and his girlfriend Jen over for dinner! Such sweet fellowship!



A New "DO" for Jonny Boy!!!!

So...the other night "Nolie's" Hair Salon was open for business for her one and only customer...her brother Jon. You see Jon's hair had gotten REALLY long. And his hair is like a bunch of tiny springs all pressed down against his head. When they grow, they just get a bit more poofy, and really, really thick against his head. traps everything down at the scalp. We wondered why Jon was scratching his head so much lately, and we found out why! He had several months worth of un-rinsed out shampoo trapped down there! Oh my....when Grace started to cut down toward his scalp, you could see all of the white! When she tried to brush it out, it was like a dust storm it was soooo bad!

Before photos!! You can almost see the little tiny springs of his hair! 
Once Grace got down far enough and discovered all of the build up...Jon took a shower and used some medicated shampoo and tried to get it all out and then Grace cut the rest of his  hair using a shaving razor. 

He's one happy boy now! Take a peek!

What a HUGE difference!!

 Another satisfied customer of "Nolie's" hair salon!! Thank you Grace!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Few shots of Rosie! case you were wondering why no blog posts have come your way lately, it's because I just got my beloved Mac Book Pro back from the "shop" after being gone for 3 weeks! YIKES...I was stuck using my old desk top computer for everything. Slow and steady for sure!

Had to share some up to date photos of our precious Rosie girl!

This is me and my dear new friend Joy Cozzi. We met at our homeschool convention last year, and were both in the process of trying to add to our family through private adoption! Imagine our excitement when we saw each other this year with our new blessings from the Lord! Rosalinda meets Eliana snuggled into our matching Moby wraps! God is sooo good!

Here is our family with Doug Dagarin and Dan Kozier the Alert Cadet guys that stayed in our home during the convention! So much fun!

Here's our sleeping beauty!

Rosie's really gaining ground next to Maddie's baby doll!

Here's lookin' at you!!!

Love the precious smile!!!

Who me???

All dressed up for Easter Sunday!

We love you so much precious Rosalinda Marguerite Winslow!

CASA Works Tirelessly To Advocate For Children - Video - WMUR New Hampshire

Here is Edward and Elisha's story as shown on Channel 9 tonight!

CASA Works Tirelessly To Advocate For Children - Video - WMUR New Hampshire