Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Belated Birthday Gift to Grace and an early one for Maddie.

Dear friends of ours The Rainey family came up with a wonderful idea for a birthday gift for Grace and Maddie. They invited them to take part in their daughter Maria's riding lesson for a day. Oh, they were super excited! Maria takes riding lessons at the same stable that the girls did a horse class at a few years ago. So they know the stable and most of the horses, too. I'm sure you can tell by the photos that they had a wonderful time! Part of the class is that you must groom the horses before and after the lesson and spend a good amount of time with them! Maddie had one of her favorite horses named Jack, and Grace had the newest horse in the stable named Glennis. Glenn for short! Of course everyone thought that was totally cool to have a horse named Glenn!

They did cantering, and also learned some maneuvering skills, too. They LOVED it, and of course it generated a renewed interest in riding lessons of their own. So...we are praying about that! Elisha is next to have a turn. She was in school on this day, so she'll have her time in a few weeks!

Fun At The Playground With Our Friend's the Lowman's!

We love the little playground in Deerfield. We often meet our friends the Lowman's there to hang out. The kids had a great time there on this day, as usual!

2010 CHENH Homeschool Convention

Over Memorial Day weekend we attended NH's homeschooling convention for the first time ever! In previous years, I, (Mary), had spoken at the conventions, but we had never attended any session. Glenn had never been at all. So we signed up the whole family. We even were able to take Junior and Elisha out of public school in order to go! The convention speakers were the Maxwell Family. They have 8 children. The husband and wife and 7 of the children were involved in the sessions. It was wonderful! We all had a great time! The Maxwell's are pictured
to the right. Check out their ministry at: It's great!

The children loved the vendor hall with all of the books and curriculum to choose from. Glenn Junior and Jon took part in any hands on things there were to do. Here they are taking part in an experiment on electricity.

The girls enjoyed taking a session on young womanhood taught by Sara Maxwell, one of the daughters. They also loved the session called: "Learning to Be Keepers of you Home." The boys enjoyed a session on managing your time taught by one of the Maxwell sons. It was a lovely weekend and we took home many ideas and lots of notes, and were greatly encouraged! We are all looking forward to next year's conference!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Catch the Silly Bandz Craze!'s finally happened...and all from a trip to the dentist! As a little token for being good, the kids all got two silly bandz. What are they you ask? Well....check it out! It's the latest craze to sweep the nation! Now, Grammie Linda has gotten in on it, and Uncle Mike, too, and so the kids each have an armful of the bandz and are trading with each other like crazy...they are also very generous with them, too, and have given bunches of them away to many people. That's been cool! Yup...even Mom is in on the deal. As I type, some of my bandz are glowing in the dark! Such fun!

P.S.--Yes we take them off at night when we go to bed, so no cutting off of the circulation, and Yes, they are "banned" from the Winslow homeschool during school time so as not to cause unnecessary distractions. They are just so much fun! Yes, even the Mom likes them!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Gracie Turns 14!!--5/31/10

Our beautiful Grace is now 14. Take a peek into her celebrations...of which there were 3!

1. Family Fun in Wolfeboro on the lake with Grampa Dave and Grammie Linda.

2. Memorial Day, Her actual birthday.

3. New England Aquarium for the day in Boston.