Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"We love because He first loved us"--1John 4:19

Since a picture is worth 1,000 words, and we are going to share with you many pictures.. and we'll post more later today...we say NO more.

Well..I just have to add one more thing about this last photo...Joy--Unspeakable Joy!


Hope Rising Farm said...

I loved the last picture! amazing....loving you guys from across thes sea!

Jennifer P said...

Oh, Mary. That first picture took my breath away. Her smile and eye contact with you warms me from head to toe. Be blessed.

Ellieliz the Homesteading Momma said...

oh sweet zoey, that poor sweet zoey is an orphan no more and this makes my heart sing! seeing her smile, oh my heart! my cup runneth over knowing she is safe with you in your arms! Praise the Lord! I cannot wait to see her plumping up and really thriving in your care. Bless you and your family this Christmas, travel home safely!

Tamara Lee said...

Oh my.... That poor sweet child. My heart broke into a million pieces seeing those photos. God bless your family for rescuing this precious one. Hold on sweet Zoe!

Cindy Bennett said...

Dear Glen and Mary,

It's been a blessing following your progress. We shared this with the kids in my class. A group of healthy 14 children are committed to praying for you all!

Love to you!

Cindy Bennett and clan!

Anonymous said...

This is such a blessing to see the joy that you have brought to all these lovely and wonderful children's faces!! Zoey is one blessed little girl and so is Eddie! They are both beautiful children! Your family inspires me so much.Every time I look at this I shed tears in the joy to know that you are reaching out to children that are in need!

Much love and respect!