Thursday, March 24, 2016

God has truly added! To God be the Glory!

Our God is an awesome God! He is good, He is sovereign, and he truly has added an enormous blessing to our family in this little one. We have completed 3 days of visits with her and will have today and tomorrow as well.
Let me tell you a little bit about her. She is fiesty, she is full of joy, she LOVES to laugh and smile and run. She is determined, and she LOVES both Glenn and I as though she knows we are her parents, after only 3 days maybe a total of 9 hours or so of visits. She knows. She feels that there is something about us.

When we come in she runs to us at full speed with her arms in the air. She LOVES to be held. The first 2 days she truly favored Glenn. It was absolutely the sweetest thing. If he puts one arm down, she grabs it and puts it around her. She takes his hand and puts it on her face and makes it go up and down. She loves to be loved! 

She also LOVES to hold hands and walk. Here we had taken her out to get her visa photo taken.
Then yesterday, she wanted me to hold her, and me to hug her and she kept wrapping her hands around my neck and then placing my arms around her neck and squeezing me so hard. She is making up for lost time! 

Dear blog readers, she is in a wonderful place. She was moved there in November of 2014. When she came there, she didn't walk, and she didn't really make any sounds at all. Now she is running and jumping and communicating very well, not with words but definitely with gestures and sounds. She is ready to explode with learning! Of course it will be very hard to say goodbye for now to her on Friday morning, but we rejoice that her care is exceptional and she is LOVED here, she truly is. Of this we are extremely thankful! And so...we'll say our tearful goodbyes and then come home and wrap up the rest of our US side of things as quickly as possible and get the ball rolling back to Bulgaria for the final process. How long?? We don't know.

Would you like to help out? We sure could use prayers, as well as some additional funding, too! On the side of our blog are 2 ways to contribute. You could give a tax deductible donation to our Reece's Rainbow family support page, HERE or you could give to our You Caring Page  HERE. Either one is fine! 

You may wonder why none of the photos on the blog show her face?? That is because we are not allowed to show her face on a public media setting until after the court in Bulgaria declares her our daughter which will be in a few months from now.

Until then, please pray, and of course give generously, and from the heart!

Thank you all sooooooo much! 

For now, from Bulgaria!! Much love! 

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