Sunday, August 26, 2012

We Love Russell Pond Campground....One of our new favorite places to camp!

From Thursday to Sunday this week, we enjoyed a MUCH needed time away as a family. We choose a highly recommended campground in Campton, NH, called Russell Pond. It's part of the White Mountain National Forrest, and it's absolutely beautiful!

It took a bit to get there, but once we did, we were so glad we ventured to this beautiful slice of God's creation!

The campsites were wonderful and very wooded!

Rosie LOVED her 2nd ever camping trip!

So Jonnie found my mess kit from girl scout leader training and brought it with him. He cooked his own breakfast the first morning. Whole wheat pancakes and bacon! He was soooo thrilled! You would have thought he won the lottery! It was precious!

Edward followed suit, and then Jon cooked Nicole's breakfast, too!

Ahhh...there are always dishes to do! Even camping!

We love our solar shower for many reasons...but rinsing the dishes is one of our favorite uses of it!

Our first full day we ventured the short distance to the pond where we enjoyed fishing, and kayaking, and swimming. It was lovely!

We enjoyed amazing weather these 4 days! It was such a welcome respite, and we truly were able to bond together as a family, and totally relax! Ahhhhhh. Thank you Lord!
Jon and Nicole totally enjoyed the pond and even made some new friends, too.

Introducing:  Nate and Jackson

We were all sooooo excited to try out our new kayaks! This was our first time using them this season!

Rosie totally enjoyed splishin' and splashin'!!

For this camping season, Rosie is small enough to fit into one of our laundry baskets which makes a perfect bed for her, and we can put it right on the counter next to our bed in the pop-up and it works perfect! Sweet dreams Rosie!

The boys enjoyed doing some whittling this camping trip! What did they whittle?? Swords and daggers of course! Would there be anything else??? By the way...look closely...Edward is sporting his new birthday leatherman!

Everyone took turns at the dishes! Such a blessing to this Mom!!

A campsite wouldn't be complete without Jon finding the "perfect" climbing tree!

We all enjoyed a morning and evening campfire, and of course the evening one included s'mores!! Yum!

On Saturday morning we headed out to Lincoln, and went to the Lincoln National Forrest discovery center for a wonderful guided nature hike! We all LOVED it!

Here is our guide..Rochelle. She loved all of the questions my curious homeschool students asked!

A couple we met on the hike took this photo! Our newest family one!!

The views on the hike were wonderful!

We learned all about different types of trees and animals! This tree did everything it could to grow, despite a huge rock and other obstacles!

After the hike, we headed over to Otter Rocks for some fun in the river!

Then it was back to the campsite and showers and beanie weanies for lunch!

Rosie had her first taste of beans! Did she like them?? What do you think??

Our glamorous Gracie decided to try her hand at some press on nails during our camping trip! Wow!

Every Saturday night, Russell Pond hosts a wonderful nature presentation. This one was on Camping, Bears, and You! We learned a lot about black bears! There were lots of free hand outs, too! The kids loved that!

Today, Sunday, our last day, we took advantage of the pond one last time and did some more kayaking. It was wonderful!

Some didn't kayak, but took a snooze!

Edward gave Nicole a ride!

Jon is really good at the kayak now!

On the way home we stopped for lunch at the Tilt'n Diner! It was delicious!

 We are praising the Lord for His wonderful provision of this trip. It was just what we needed, and He knew it!!

Then...after the Tilt'n Diner, we stopped at our all time favorite icecream place....Jordans! The icecream is home made, and delicious!

On the way home, we were blessed to see a hard top camper for sale. It was totally in our price range, and we copied down the information. We've been praying about upgrading to a hard top from our beloved pop-up. We advertised our pop up on Craig's list tonight when we got home, and we've already gotten 2 phone calls and 2 emails, and a good prospect coming to look at it tomorrow night! We are praying for God's will with this, and thanking Him for what He is doing. It truly amazes us, that He cares about us so much that He is interested in these little details! I promise to keep you posted!