Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Little Does she know....Little Does she know we are COMING!!!

We got our travel letter today to pick up AnnaBella! We need to arrive in country on Tuesday, September 6th, and our "gotcha" day of our precious girl will be Wednesday, September 7th! 

We will be able to travel home with her on either Friday, September 16th or Saturday, September 18th! 

We are OVER the moon excited about this and sure do covet your prayers as we prepare everything here for travel! 

This trip it will be Grace and I going to get AnnaBella. Grace came with us 2 years ago to get Jerry and JoyAnna! Glenn is going to stay here with all of the kiddos!

God has been sooooooo faithful to us in how He worked this ALL out in His perfect timing! What a blessing that we didn't get travel dates the whole time that JoyAnna was in the hospital, and that we also got to meet our newest grand baby who was born last Monday! 

What a blessing, too, that Glenn's work schedule (he's self employed) has worked out perfectly, too! 

AnnaBella's Bulgarian name is Pepa. This means..."God has added!"...and He truly has! This will be one of her middle names here in America! 

God is good...ALL the time! This adoption, our favorite song and our theme has been John Waller's song, Jesus Hears the Orphan. Please take a moment and watch this. It's based on his own adoption story, and this is actually footage of their adopted daughter. What a blessing this has been! What a touching story! Jesus truly does hear the orphan! And truly, little did she know they were coming for her! That's how we feel about AnnaBella! 

Thank you ALL for your love, encouragement and support! We sure do love you!

AnnaBella is truly a Daddy's girl! 

This is her energy ALL the time! So kind and loving! 

Hang on sweetie! We are coming for you!