Saturday, September 10, 2016

We are Here and AnnaBella is with us!

Just a quick note to my awesome blog readers! Grace and I arrived on Monday the 5th here in Sofia Bulgaria. We picked up AnnaBella on Wednesday the 7th. She is AWESOME!! She ran right to me when we got there!

Can I just tell you, she was sooooooo well cared for! When she came to the center 1.5 years ago, she was NOT mobile, and very unresponsive! They have cared so well for her, that now she is running and VERY interactive! What an amazing blessing they have all been!

We have just a little more than a week left in country before going home! Tonight we got to face time with everyone back home and introduce AnnaBella to everyone! That was awesome! We did FaceTime with my Dad, too! Yay! Grampa LOVES AnnaBella.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

What a blessed Week...What a gift from the Lord!

This past week has been packed full of blessings as only the Lord can provide! Get yourself a cup of nice tea, or a cold refreshing drink and take a peek at our week!

Saturday, August 27, 2016
We were invited to attend a wedding of the daughter of some dear friends of ours. Edward and Ellie were asked to help serve the food. It was a lovely country outdoor event! A bonus for me was a ride in my cousin Harold's Jeep Willys. It's something he has always wanted, and it was so much fun! Just like the good old days!

Mitchell and Maddie and baby Becca had their first official outing at the wedding! 

LOVE my precious grand baby! 

Josh and Cierra

They got to drive on in the jeep! 

Abby LOVES her daddy! 

Serving truly is Edward and Ellie's gift!  What a blessing they are! 

It was a wild ride! Through a cow barn, into a fenced in sheep pen, and all around! Even catching up to Mitch and Maddie! 

The barn was decorated beautifully! 

The Collomy sisters have matching dresses! Cool thing is I have these same dresses for Nicole, JoyAnna, AnnaBella, and Rosie! 

Sunday, August 28th, 2016
This was the last Sunday in August. The last Sunday of the month is our beloved nursing home ministry. This is our 15th year doing this ministry and it's such a blessing to us! Let me share some precious pictures with you as they really are worth 1,000 or more words! There were probably 15 residents there this day, and Glenn did the message. He spoke on letting your faith be bigger than your fear! Y'all, these are precious, precious people in the winter of their lives, and this service monthly is such a highlight for them! For some of them, it may be their only visitors. And they just LOVE the children!! 

Jon and Miss Annie. They LOVE each other!

This resident LOVES Rosie sooooooo much! And Rosie is soooooo giving with her hugs and kisses! 

Auntie Ellie is a favorite with the littles! 

A panoramic view of everyone there!

This is Joan, and she's a Christian. She told me that she prays for our family every single day. What an amazing blessing she is! 

Rosie LOVES to hand out the song books! 

The kids sing and play the piano. Jon and Grace sang "Secret Place". Ellie played the piano. It was awesome! 

Marlie (age 5) who has been taking piano lessons from Ellie for a few months played a lovely duet!

It's been such a blessing to have Chris and Brittany come to the nursing home with us! 

Nicole loves to hold the song books while Dan plays the guitar!

This time we had a great niece of the DeHarts there for a visit! 
Wednesday, August 31st, 2016
Elisha and Edward and I planned and decided to do the batch cooking for 2 weeks worth of meals for either while we are gone to Bulgaria or when we return home! We are so blessed that our church family is going to also provide us with weeks worth of meals for Glenn and the kids while we are in country! Such an encouragement! 

Thursday, September 1st, 2016
The Winslows go to Storyland! 
2 years ago, Edward and Jon started their little firewood business at the end of our driveway. They sell 10 pieces of firewood for 3.50. Most weekends, it sells out! They have cut and split all of the wood themselves! They purposed 2 years ago that they wanted to save the profits for us to go to Storyland! Well, they met their goal! We decided to go Thursday. They had saved $276.27 to be exact. The total for all 10 of us to go would be $333.00. We were blessed with a pass for one free person and so it brought our total down to $300.00. So we'd only need to provide $23.73! What a blessing!  It was an amazing, amazing family day!! We truly needed it!  Take a peek! **To add to our blessing, our dear friends the Collomy's were already planning to go on that day, too! AWESOME! 
My little entrepreneurs! Hard work really does pay off! 

 On our way! Martha came, too! She's such a blessing to our family! 

We have arrived and are ready for some fun! 

Let's count out the total!!! 

Such an amazing deal! 

Oh how Rosie LOVES nursery rhymes and LOVES Humpty Dumpty! 

Rosie loved the old woman in a shoe! They truly bonded! She went back 7 or 8 times!

Grace wasn't so sure about Miss Muffett's tuffet! 

Martha even got into the day! She's such a trooper! Peter Pumpkin Eater had NOTHIN' on her! :)

Oh the tea cup ride! Twisty fun! 

The 3 little pigs was a hit, too! 

We took the pumpkin coach to visit Cinderella in her castle! 

We loved the Merry Go Round! 

This little guy, soooooo many firsts! So very many. He LOVED our day! 

So did this precious girl! She was even able to go on some rides, too! 

Everyone enjoyed "milking" the cow!

Everyone loved the flying wooden shoes! 

We ALL went on the Polar Coaster!

A quick trip to Heidi's mountain top home! 

Sure do LOVE our dearest friends! 

The flying fish are always beautiful and a hit! 

We ended the day with a train ride around the park! 

On the way home we ate our supper at Subway and then had a wonderful ice-cream nearby! 

We sure are counting our blessings! Naming them one by one! We are counting our blessings and seeing what God has done! And now, we are off. Tomorrow morning Grace and I are headed to Bulgaria to pick up our precious little AnnaBella! 

Our bags are packed and we are ready to go! We sure do covet your prayers!