Saturday, September 28, 2013

Deerfield Fair Fun! ----2013

We had a wonderful time at the Deerfield fair on Glenn's birthday (Thursday).  We went with the 4 oldest Edwards kiddos at home. That was awesome! Then my brother Mike came in Friday afternoon and we went again, with him. It was fun and a huge blessing!
 Here are some photos from Thursdays adventures!

 Rosie LOVED the animals and going in the pens with them, too!

Those are some HUGE rabbits!

The pig scramble. None of our kiddos got picked! Sigh...

Checkin' out the old tools in the farm museum!

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Those are some BIG pumpkins!

We LOVE the Matras' farm display. It won the Howard King award again! Soooo sweet!

So Rosie went on her first EVER rides this year when Uncle Mike was with us yesterday. Needless to say, she LOVED them!!!!

It was a beautiful two days, and the BEST part of all was the fellowship with friends and family! Love you all!