Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sleeping Beauty!

Here is the newest photo of our grandbaby Marlena! Sooooo precious!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Thanksgiving for Their Adoptions

These poems written by my adopted children were featured this month on an entire page in the latest foster care newsletter for NH! Their heart felt words are such an encouragement to us! This my dear friends is precisely why we are involved in this ministry of raising children for God's kingdom!

It feels good to be adopted,
I am happy every day!
I love my home and my family,
They love me in so many ways!
by: Jonathan Winslow--age 7


ADOPTION--an acrostic
bandoned no longer
ad of my own
fficially a Winslow
lenty of love
ogether always
I   love my family
nce in an orphanage, now in a home
ew friends

by:  Grace Winslow--Age 14

BEING ADOPTED --an acrostic
ecause I am adopted,
ach bad memory can go away.
n case of remembrance I can think of something else.
othing can harm us anymore!
oing on in my life is the right thing to do.

A   s you get older, you have more guidance in,
oing what is right.
pening new windows to make friends and,
assing off your old life.
rusting everything will work out and that,
very blessing is from God so,
on't ever hold a grudge!
by:  Elisha Winslow--Age 11

ADOPTED an acrostic
dopted into a loving family
one with foster care forever!
utstanding love!
arents that love me!
ransitioning into a new life.
ternal love
eparting from my old life.
by:  Junior Winslow--age 11


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our Grand daughter has arrived!!

This is a wonderful day! Marlena Joy Thorn arrived today! She was born at 9:49 this morning and she weighed 7 lbs 10 ounces! Rejoice with us!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sledding Fun!

This year Glenn did something really cool. He took the snow blower and made a path out to the side hill of our property. (this was no easy task!) Then he blew snow into a huge pile to start the sled run higher and make it faster than before! The kids LOVED it, and have used it every day since then! Thank you Glenn!


Why I Love Writing Assignments!

Every few days I give the older kiddos a themed writing assignment and several outline items to help shape their writing. I love to see how they take the topic and come up with totally different stories! This one from Madelyn just had to be published for all to see! Maddie has an AMAZING gift for writing. I'm so proud of her!

The topic:  Wash Day
The focus:  A child who doesn't want their favorite clothing item to be washed and so they may have to get washed with the item!
The outline:  1. The Kid (tell about the kid)
                      2.  Wash and Dry (tell about the laundering)
                      3.  After the Wash

Wash Day:  By Madelyn Swan Winslow  ---January 18, 2011
Annie was 10 years old. She lived in a log house with her Pa, her Ma, her 2 big brothers, Joe and David, and her 4 little sisters, Elizabeth, Carrie, Laura, and Rosie.

Today is  Monday. Monday is wash day. Annie has been dreading today, not because of the hard work of washing, but because of her new dress. Last Friday afternoon, Annie had gone with Pa to town. Ma had said to pick out some of her favorite calico material for Ma to make Annie a new dress. Annie's old dress used to be a pretty pink, but now was a tattered, faded, light brownish, with a little pink still in it. All day Saturday and Sunday afternoon, Ma sewed the deep blue fabric with light blue flowers into a lovely dress.

Today she had been wearing it for a week, and she did not want it washed. She resolved in her mind not to take it off no matter what!

Later, Ma had washed all the washing, except for Annie's dress. "Alright, Annie, you've made it clear that you will not take your dress off, but that doesn't mean your dress doesn't need washing. Come on, get in the basin!"

Annie stood, shocked. Her little sisters giggled. Joe and David laughed and laughed. David said, "Ma, are you serious?" "Serious as ever", said Ma. "Come on Annie, either that or you give me your dress!"

Annie looked at her siblings laughing at her. Then she raised her head high and stepped into the basin. The water soaked right through her dress as she sat down. Ma scrubbed and wrung her dress as if she were washing normally. "Okay", she said. As she placed Annie on top of the other clothes in the basket she said..."Boys, the load is real heavy today. Help each other bring this out to the clothes line."

The boys laughed the whole way out to the line at the drenched Annie. Soon Ma and Elizabeth came out to hang the laundry. Elizabeth passed the items of laundry to Ma one by one. Annie was all that was left in the basket.

"Ma, this one's too heavy to lift," Lizzie said. "Oh, I know", said Ma. "We'll lay this one on the hill side where the sun will get to it. We'll pick it up in a few hours." Ma laid Annie down on the hillside. The sun beat into Annie's face. Annie watched as Ma and Lizzie went into the house. Annie lay and watched the clouds move across the sky. The sun was sinking low as the boys ran out and took the clothes off the line and grabbed Annie up and tossed her on top of the basket. 

Annie sank into her bed that night, a lesson learned. The next wash day, Annie's dress was the first item in the laundry pile.

The End

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Circle Letter is Here!!!

A circle is round
it has no end
that's how long
I want to be your friend!
Have you ever heard of a circle letter? It's an old fashioned way to stay in touch with friends and family from all over the country. Our girls have been blessed to be included in a circle letter to include Christian girls their age from: Massachusetts, North Carolina, Wyoming, Georgia, NH, Pennsylvania, and New York. It all started a year and a half ago when we had the pleasure of meeting dear Mennonite friends from Massachusetts. Their daughter Krista included our three girls in her circle letter. The girls just received their second packet of letters this week. They were super excited. 

How does it work? Well.....Krista started it. She writes a letter and then sends it to the next person on the list of 12 girls. The next person reads Krista's letter and then writes her own letter and sends both letters to the next girl on the list. By the time the list reaches our three girls, there are 6 letters in the envelope. It's so nice. They write what is happening in their lives, and they may include a photo or two. They also are sure to include prayer requests. In this world of text messaging, facebook, and other types of technology, it's so encouraging and refreshing to have true heart felt letters sent to each other in love. Imagine...teenage girls sharing their hearts with one another and their love of Christ! It's a beautiful thing!

1st Thessalonians 5:11 says this:  Therefore encourage (admonish, exhort) one another and edify (strengthen and build up) one another, just as you are doing.

They are doing just that and we are so encouraged by it! 
Here is the address sheet in the order that the letters are sent. 
The girls are so excited to get all caught up with their friends. The last letter they received was in August of last year! So it's been 6 months to go through the circle. 
This is Rosetta from NY. She's 16.
These are our dear friends the Hess family from Massachusetts.
Here is Maddie's finished letter ready to go!  

Monday, February 07, 2011


We are truly blessed to welcome a precious little 5 year old girl to our family for whatever time God allows her to be with us. 

Matthew 19:14 says:  Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

 We are humbled and blessed to be allowed to care for another one of God's precious little children. Join us in welcoming her into our family!

No photo shoot would be complete without an official "couch" picture!
Glenn shares from God's word. Precious...just precious!

You're Invited!

Imagine our delight to receive this invitation on Sunday evening last week! 
Meet the hostess of the dinner party! Madelyn had received the privilege of having the dinner of her choice. She decided to bless us with a complete formal dinner party, and we truly were blessed!
The guests begin to arrive and are greeted warmly by the lovely hostess!

Even the boys are truly dressed up!
The table was set beautifully!
Everyone found their place at the table!
Dad and Mom are soooooo excited to attend this gourmet dinner!

1st course:  A delightful fresh fruit cup!

2nd course:  Delicious cheddar cheese soup!

3rd course:  Pork tenderloins and herbed mashed potatoes.

4th course:  decadent chocolate cream pie!
Thank you so much dearest Madelyn for sharing your privilege with us. It was truly an amazing evening and we all had a fabulous time!

Maybe one of you will be blessed enough to be on the guest list for the next dinner party! One can only hope!