Monday, March 26, 2012

Rototilling in March??? What??? Such a blessing!

Such a blessing. On Saturday, Glenn tilled 1/2 of my garden! I'm planting peas and other hardy veggies this week! I've got my seeds started indoors, too, and will have lettuce in my cold frame this week as well! I guess you could say that we've got the gardening fever from that warm weather last week!

Galatians 6:7 says....whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap!


Joy...Joy...Joy upspeakable!

One day I was sleeping in and the girls made me a wonderful breakfast in bed! Wow! Such an encouragement! Here are a few shots of Rosie, too...that I just had to share!


Was it really March??

I got a wonderful jogging stroller at my baby shower. Last week, on a day that it was 82 degrees we went for a walk! It was glorious, and we kept saying...."Is this really March???" But's a new week, and the high today, (Monday) a mere 37 degrees! I know it's March for sure!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

A New Hat for Rosie Knit by Mama!

Well....I just had to knit something for our precious Rosie...and so I got the yarn to knit this hat at Charolette's Web in Exeter. I just LOVE that store. It's dangerously expensive, but wonderful!

Just had to share! Even though we've had quite the heat wave this week, she got to wear the hat a few times so far! It is only March, right??


It's Fine to be Nine!

I can't believe Jonathan is 9! On Monday, March 19th, he turned 9! Wow...where has the time gone? He's such a joy to our family! He's high energy, and always wants to lend a helping hand! He's almost as tall as me, his feet and hands are huge...and well...we think he may be the tallest Winslow on record at some point in the future....time will tell!

On the menu:

Sausage muffins, orange juice, and fruit salad!

Hotdogs, double corncakes, salad, and a chocolate cake for dessert!

Foster care support group...and we all had pizza! That's Jon's favorite! We made 2 big icecream cakes that we brought and shared with him there! That was so neat! Everyone sang to him. It was wonderful!

He had a great day, and is excited for his year to come!

Jon loves to make a sign and paper rings to help count down to his special day! This is his birthday morning, and there are no more days to wait!

Everything is ready to go for Jon's special day...including the fancy china for the birthday boy!

Sausage muffins....YUM!

Everyone is gathered for his birthday breakfast! Glenn even took the day off! That was sooo nice!

Time for lunch!

Time for presents!

A big event is opening the birthday box from Florida! Grampa and Grammie! So nice! Thank you!
His favorite gifts in the box.....a mail truck, and sun glasses!
Fun at Support Group!
Support group pizza night!
much loved icecream cake!
Jon had fun, can you tell?

A nice pair of gloves from Nicole!

 Happy birthday Jonny boy! We sure do love you bunches!

Rosalinda's 1st Tea Party!

Last Sunday after church, the ladies had their bi-monthly tea party. It's truly such a lovely time. All the girlies of all ages were invited, and so of course Rosie came, too! She was truly a hit with everyone! It was a wonderful afternoon of fellowship, cucumber sandwiches, and your favorite tea. What could be better??? The men and boys were all having a fun time with their thing, and were rewarded with lots of icecream! Yeah!

Here are some photos of our fun afternoon!

This is the sweetest thing. Aaralyn Edwards LOVES Rosie! She can't get enough of her! She loves that Rosie has a binky, too! It's soooo cute!

Elias Edwards is very excited about Rosie, too! He loves on her whenever he can as well!

Emma got to hold Rosie, and it was great!

This was Dayna's first time meeting Rosie!

Aimee is a newlywed, and can't wait to have  babies !

Gerry just loved Rosie!

Norma enjoyed holding her, too!

Taylor met her for the first time as well!
 A wonderful time was had by all, and Rosie was certainly a focal point for everyone! She slept good that night, that's for sure!

By the way....Pssssst....she's been sleeping 8 hours at a stretch! yup...that's's such a HUGE blessing! She's been sleeping from 9:30---5:30 am! This is such an answer to prayer. I get up with her at 5:30 and feed her and she's back to bed by 5:50 or so for about 3 hours. I work out, get everything ready for the morning, we have our family Bible and prayer time together, and get Nicole on the bus, and many other things! Wow! Thank you Lord!