Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This is the Day that the Lord has made!

Today truly was a beautiful day! We visited with Zoey twice today and both times I got to feed her through her nasal feeding tube. That went really well. I got to see Zoey's physical therapy today, too. This was without her jammies on. This was shocking, and also humbling. It truly showed us, though, what a fighter that Zoey is, and how it truly is a miracle that she is still living. She is truly skin and bones from the neck down.

Zoey has a joy that truly transcends ALL human understanding. She is already showing the beauty in the ashes of all she has endured in her short life!

 Zoey is VERY well cared for by this lovely woman named Nina!
 She also has a very special place in the heart of our translator, Yavor! He LOVES her!

 Zoey truly is a daddy's girl. She lights up when she's with Glenn! I think she hasn't had any such contact in her little life! It is so heart warming!

 I put her little hands together today and she looked like she was praying!

 Look at her little legs and feet. We measured her today. Her arms are 2" inches in diameter, and her legs are 3". Such devastation and yet she is so filled with Joy!!
 I love this photo that Glenn took of Zoey and I together this morning! Can you just see her joy and the light of the Lord shining through??
 We took a moment and added Zoey to our family photo! Isn't it just precious??
 I just love Nina, Zoey's caregiver. She kept telling me.."Zoey is my daughter, I love her like a daughter!"

 Scenes from Zoey's room. We got to see her bed, and feed her in her room. She shares her room with 5 other children. Please pray for them. There is a little 3 year old girl named Christina who captured our hearts this day!

We will visit with Zoey one more time tomorrow morning and then have to say goodbye to her for now. This will be so very hard! We love her so much, and she loves us, too! She lights up whenever we get there and pick her up and hold her!

Thank you for your prayers! We love you all!


Tracy said...

Following you and falling in love with Zoey too. You are covered in love and prayers from our lil' dot on the map. <3

Rob and Corrie said...

Oh, I am going to pray your sweet girl HOME!!! SOON!! Thank you for loving her in Jesus' name (tho' I'm sure you don't feel like you need thanks :o).
Merry Christmas from Texas.
~Rob & Corrie

Sunflowerlove said...

Wow!! She is SO precious and beautiful! I can't imagine how hard it must be to leave her!!! I am praying for her health and that you will be able to come back quick for her!

Christiana Johnston

Melissa said...

I really just can't wait to see her in your home! She is so precious, all of those beautiful smiles must have melted your heart completely.