Monday, October 12, 2015

You've Done It Again Lord!! You've Done it Again!

 Why do I doubt? Why do I worry? I know that God will provide! In HIS perfect timing! And He did just that today! Today...the deadline of our agency fee. God is rarely early but He's NEVER late! Oh we of little faith. We wondered, we were worried...and God did it! Thank you Lord! You've truly done it again! Truly you have!

And I did just that! I pleaded with God this morning. I got down on my knees and pleaded with Him in my "War Room" I told Him what we needed. And I got out of His way. He did it! It was when I got out of His way! 

My faithful and powerful God has come through! He cares for us and He cares for the orphans! He cares for and LOVES our AnnaBella! 

We are praising you Jesus tonight here at Grace Abounding Farm! More than enough money has come in to meet our agency fee! AND.....ALL of our dossier documents have been submitted!! EVERY single one! Submitted and en route for our agency!! Praising God!!! 

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