Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh How We Love Baby Paxton

Paxton and Glenn hit it off right away!
We are praising the Lord for placing baby Paxton with us on October 28th. We aren't sure how long he'll be with us, but we thank God for each day he's with us, and consider it a blessing and an honor to care for him. Here are just a few shots of him. He's getting super big now! Of course EVERYONE just loves him! How can you not??
He was born October 19th, 2010. He was released from the hospital into our care.
Madelyn and I stayed overnight at the hospital in order to show them we could care for him.

Grammy Linda meets Paxton the following Saturday. It was love at first sight!
Jonathan takes a turn feeding the little guy! He did super well!

My friend Loree gave me a pattern for a sling and I made one that first week. What a blessing this has been! Yup...he's in there!

All of the kiddos couldn't wait to meet him!
Junior had NEVER held a baby this small!
Paxton compared to Maddie's newborn doll. Wow!
Of course, no photo shoot would be complete without the traditional "Winslow couch photo"

He seems to grow more every day!
Sweet Dreams Baby Paxton!

Here he is at one month old! He's gotten quite chubby now! I refer to him as my little "chubba bubba".

 We sure do covet your prayers for this little one. Please pray for God's will in his life, and for the truth to prevail. Please also pray for our testimony as a family. This little guy has already made a huge impact in the lives of so many people, many are unbelievers!

One of the Funnest Birthday Parties We've Been To

We had fun last night celebrating Taylor's 18th birthday! She asked for it to be a "no talent required talent show". It was so much fun!
Jon and Junior brought down the house with their short man skit. They had to change diapers and get baby dolls dressed. Thing is...Dayna and Elisha were the arms. It was soooo funny!

You can see the slap stick comedy of it well in this picture as Junior burps the baby...well...Elisha did, actually!

The littlest Collomy girls sang Sanctuary. It was so sweet. There were probably about 25 different acts last night. It went really well!

How Do You Best Celebrate National Adoption Month???

Well, this is a VERY good question. In our humble opinion, the most wonderful way to celebrate this awesome month is to officially adopt! Yes, the wait is OVER! Junior and Elisha are official Winslows! Yippee! The adoption hearing was on November 4th, in the Laconia Family Court. Judge Saddler presided. She has been their judge from the beginning several years ago. This was a happy day for us all!

We were joined by our dear friends the Lowman family. Here Aggy, their Vietnamese exchange student, holds our new addition to our family, Baby Paxton. Kiara helps.

Judge Saddler reads the book Maddie made for Junior and Elisha about how they came to our family.

Praise the Lord! The adoption is official! Can you feel the joy! Even Judge Saddler celebrates with us!

Junior isn't too sure about holding baby Paxton!

We praise the Lord for His provision of these two wonderful children into our family!

We continue to smile for the cameras! The court room was full of our friends, family, and supporters!

The twins maternal grandfather joined us, as did their great aunt Belle, and their Grampa's dog "chemo"

We celebrated after the hearing with lunch at Jon's Roast Beef in Laconia. Junior ordered the BLT sub. He got the large which boasts 16 slices of bacon! Oh my!

Junior's friend Jason got the small BLT. Can you see the excitement?

Here is the whole gang. We were even joined by their CASA worker, Deb! A wonderful time was had by all!

Smile boys!