Friday, June 24, 2016

Blooming Where We are Planted Season 2---Day 2! :) :)

And so....I'm so sorry it's been so long since I've updated, but here you go!  From May 29th until June 14th, we were at Children's Hospital in NH with JoyAnna. She had her final foot renconstruction related surgery on May 27th. It was a day surgery, and we went home! The next day, she spiked a fever and Glenn took her to Concord Hospital. She was transported up to CHAD by ambulance and it was determined that she had a staph infection in her blood from the surgery. Jon and I stayed at David's House. We were able to meet and minister to and pray for soooooo many people during our time here. We kept people abreast of how to best pray. I would hashtag our time as:  #bloomingwhereweareplantedday____ and counting! 

We were at CHAD for 17 days! We went home on June 14th on one week of high powered IV antibiotics. Those ended on Monday, June 20th. On Tuesday, the 21st, she spiked another fever at home and she was direct admitted to Concord Hospital and then again, came up to CHAD by ambulance where we are right now! She still has an infection somewhere! Here is our update from today! Jon has titled our stay here this time as:  #bloomingwhereweareplantedSeason2Day___andcounting! Thank you so much for your prayers and support! 


(Now let us) have a little talk with Jesus
(Let us) tell Him all about our troubles
(He will) hear our fainted cry
(He will) answer by and by
(When you) feel a little prayer wheel turning
(And you) will know a little fire is burnin'
(You will) find a little talk with Jesus makes it right.

I may have doubts and fears, my eye be filled with tears
But Jesus is a friend who watches day and night
I go to him in prayer, He knows my every care
And just a little talk with my Jesus make it right

And that is exactly what I have done these last 2 days! I had a little talk with Jesus! I told him ALL about my troubles! My eyes were filled with tears! He truly did hear my fainted cry. And He truly has answered! You see, all the way up here, I cried out to Him! I said...."Jesus, WHY???? Why do I have to do this again, Jesus! Why?? I was just getting settled in back at home, in routine and schedule, all cozy and such...WHY?...I'm weak, and I don't know if I can handle this again...I really don't, Jesus...Why?" and He whispered to me...."My strength my dear child is made perfect in your weakness!...Go...Go and bloom again where you are re-planted!"........and this reminded me of one of my favorite scriptures...
."Call to me and I will answer you, and I will tell you GREAT and unsearchable things you do NOT know!" Jeremiah 33:3. And that's exactly what has happened this day that the Lord has made! 

You see...last night when I was changing Joy for bed, I noticed that her left leg was limp and like a dead weight, and she wasn't using it at all. She usually moves both legs around and twists them so much so that her nickname is "Little Miss Pretzel Legs! " Anyway...I thought that was strange and I made a note of that. She also had a fever last night of around 101. Last night, I "had a little talk with Jesus" and asked Him to reveal what was truly going on. To please show us things we could not see! 

Fast foward to this morning! I met with Dr. P, and we were able to talk about everything, and she explained what she was going to do today in surgery. Yesterday, the MRI showed questionable fluid in her left foot. So.....She is going to make 2 incisions in her left foot and try and explore further and aspirate any fluids for cultures. She is also going to look for other joints that may need a culture, too. Maybe her left knee and her left hip. And her port is going to be removed today, too, as it's been in almost 3 years. (It was put in in Bulgaria) that will remove any possibility of bacteria in those lines and such. So they will try and run an IV in her arm while the port site heals. They'll do that under anesthesia, too. 

Then I got a chance to explain the left leg to Dr. P. She manuevered her leg around and wasn't too convinced that the leg was having troubles, and then...the most amazing thing happened which was TOTALLY of the Lord! Dr. P. got to see Joy work super hard to roll over from her back to her belly and she did it totally without using her left leg at all. She had to struggle and try and try. Her left leg just stayed in a "chicken wing" position. Like a dead weight. It was truly the perfect display of what I was talking about!!

Dr. P then said..."Hmmm....Wow...That's something I did NOT even see or consider before. It is totally possible that the infection may be in her spinal cord area. Wow...that's really interesting....I'm so sorry that I did NOT even think of that before...but now I SEE it clearly. Wow...that makes sense that the infection could be there because she had an anesthesia block on May 27th in preparation for her pin removal surgery. just didn't even think about that or SEE that before!"......"So we will need to do an MRI of her spinal area to check that out!..Wow...I've never SEEN the signs of that before now!"

So you see....this is exactly as that scripture promises! "Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you GREAT and unsearchable things you do not know!"...and He did exactly that this morning! He answered my cry by showing this truth to Dr. Prince that she didn't consider before! ALL in His perfect timing, which I can SEE so clearly now, too! It took all of this to happen in order for this to be found out. This is ALL part of His plan! Including the gift to me and Jon and Joy of one week at home! Thank you Jesus! 

JoyAnna is doing GREAT today which is such a blessing! Smiling and joyful! Her true personality! 

And so.....Please continue to pray for God's will and wisdom for everyone! For strength and testimony for me and for Jon. God is at work! Not sure how long we'll be here! We'll SEE how long God has for "season 2" to last!  

As one of the comforts of home, I brought a painting that my dear friend Jordan made for me. I LOVE it! It's in the photo I've posted! 

Thank you ALL for your prayers and encouragement! It's a great blessing to us!   

Here are some other updates:

Please continue to pray for my dear friend Xaviera. (she is the one who gave birth to premature twins and one is in heaven) I got to see her last night and this morning. Her little baby, Adelina, is doing so well. She's gaining (she's almost 3 pounds) and she is now off the C-PAP machine, which is awesome! She is ready to be transfered to CMC in Manchester which will be closer for Xaviera and her family. Both parents need to be comfortable with this move, and the Dad is concerned about the length of the ambulance ride, and wants them to wait for a few more weeks. Xaviera is ready to be closer to home. Please pray for this precious family. 

I also got an update from Trisha. (this is the family who had their full term baby born and she's had complications and didn't move very much at first) Her little girl Loralai is doing really well! They got to take out the breathing tube which is such a blessing, and means that she can try and nurse! Her big sister Libby got to hold her, too, one time for almost a whole hour! That's soooooo awesome! They have a few prayer requests. Right now she is being fed by an NG tube, and Trisha is trying to nurse her. She latches on, but doesn't stay latched. It seems like she is having some troubles nursing. The doctor in the NICU that is on rounds this week wants to put in a g-tube. They have given the family until Friday to see if she will nurse, and if she won't, they'll do the surgery. Please pray! Pray for this little baby to be able to nurse! The family has also asked for a swallow study to be done to make sure she's able to swallow okay. The docs are resistant for some reason. The nurses are in favor of it. Please pray or favor and for God's will!  

It seems that my friend Laura who's cousin was the gestational carrier for her baby has gone home with her baby boy! She thought she would be going home pretty soon when she was here last! ! Praise God! Please pray for a smooth transition at home for them, and for peace for the cousin as she adjusts to life post birth!  

Signing off for now! 

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Let's Help Alaya!!

It's time to be the hands and feet of Jesus here. I am at CHAD with this family RIGHT now! Let's rally around them and help them! This is their precious daughter. She's in a fight for her life! Please help them HERE....Please take time to read their story. Amazing family! Join me now!