Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Remembrances and Fellowship!

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend of remembering the sacrifices made for our freedoms!
We took part in 2 Memorial Day services in both song and instruments, and had our nursing home ministry, too.  We ended our day on Monday with a BenWinMan time together! It was great! Take a peek!

Look and see how many Winslows are in that there tree??

Our Boy's 2nd Annual Trip to Cape Cod for an Alert Cadet Service Project!

Our boys just love going to the cape to help out Miss Genie Lombard get her cape cod ocean front mansion in shape for summer rentals. This year, 14 families were in attendance. 6 families were veterans and 8 families were brand new. Fathers bring their sons for a time of service, prayer, encouragement and fellowship! Here is what their daily schedule looks like! This makes our daily schedule seem light! Wow! It was busy, but they all did really well!

Daily Schedule for Thursday and Friday

05:45            Cadets rise (unless earlier at father’s direction)
05:55            PT
06:25            Personal (transition) time for fathers and senior drill sgt.
06:40            Leadership prayer with fathers and senior drill sgt.
06:55            Personal (transition) time for cadets
07:10            Formation (led by drill sgt.)
07:20            Breakfast
07:50            Group wisdom search/devotions and briefing
08:35            Personal time (to get ready for work detail)
08:50            Work detail (with breaks as your work detail leader directs)
11:50            Personal time to relax on the shore or otherwise and to wash-up, etc.
12:10            Formation
12:20            Lunch and testimonies
13:10            Transition
13:15            Father/Son study/sharing/prayer time
13:45            Personal time (get ready for work detail)
13:50            Work detail (with breaks as your work detail leader directs) including clean-up
16:50            Personal time to relax on the shore or otherwise and wash-up, etc.
17:10            Formation
17:20            Supper, testimonies, and debriefing
18:00            Drill
18:45            Personal time (to enjoy the evening earth-turn on the shore, with or without a fishing pole, and prepare for campfire)
19:30            Campfire (provide your own snacks to be consumed when permitted) and teaching/testimonies
21:00            Personal time QUIETLY OBSERVED
22:00            Lights out FOR ALL CADETS

Room inspections at any time without notice

They completely LOVE it! The families of the cadets are invited to venture down on Saturday and watch the awards ceremony and some drill downs as well as have lunch with everyone. This year we took our 15 passenger van with ALL the seats in, picked up Martha, and met up with the Lowman family to all head down together! Thank you Louisa for driving! What a blessing! Take a peek at the preparations to go, some things that happened at home while the boys were gone, and also photos from Saturday!

Packing up the van to get ready to go to the cape. Glenn was in charge of bringing his chain saws and doing tree removal!

A VERY important step before any long car trip...check the air pressure in the tires! Thank you Glenn for being so diligent!

Grace even tried her hand at it!

Glenn gave me a quick lesson on my Mother's Day gift...a brand new mantis tiller! Yay! I was able to till the whole garden while my boys were gone!

Nicole invited her sisters and Kiara Lowman to a tea party on Friday. There was a decorated hat contest!

Here are the hats! Kiara Lowman was the winner! Yay!

Want some tea Rosie??

 We LOVE seeing these greenery signs for Cape Cod!


So...what do you do when you are 45 minutes early for the event?? drive around and look at all of the beautiful properties until it's time to arrive!

Here we are! Right on the water! Soooo beautiful!
This is Genie Lombard the owner of the property that they help! What a Godly woman!

Rosie really had fun this year!

The cadets get ready for drill downs!

Here are some uniform inspections!

Daniel's Mom pins on his promotion award! Congrats Daniel!

Congrats from Mr. Dagarin, too!

Major Dagarin gives order!

The 2013 officer team:  Left to right:  Noah, Andrew Dagarin, Luke Fisher, Daniel Kosior, Paul Fisher, and Jonathan Fisher.

my guys in line up!

The whole crew!

Such beautiful scenery!

Jonathan Fisher gets pinned with his promotion awards by his parents!

Rosie loves her Dad for sure!

Love my alert cadets! Aren't they handsome?

We all enjoyed hanging out after lunch and singing along to the girls playing!

Esther, Kiara, and Nicole! Buds!

Edward and Nathan Fisher! So cute!

Madelyn, Hannah, and Victoria! They sounded so nice together!

Jon and Steven Fisher!
 So...on our way home we stopped at our traditional supper location, Cracker Barrel in Londonderry, NH and had a wonderful dinner together. There were 23 of us this year! Martha joined us which was wonderful!