Friday, June 23, 2006

Happy 10th Birthday Gracie!!

"Our beautiful birthday girl!!"

We are so blessed to have Grace in our family!! We loved celebrating her first every birthday in America!! Grace had never had a birthday party before!! She was soooo excited!! Here is her menu for the day!!
Breakfast: Apple pancakes and bacon with fresh juice by Mom!!
Lunch: Hot dogs, cheese curls, canteloupe ("that green stuff with bumps on it"), kiwi, and heart shaped cupcakes with peanutbutter frosting!!
Supper: Spaghetti with meatballs, (and Grace had hotdogs, too!), salad, garlic bread, and chocolate chip cake and vanilla icecream!!

We had a "family" party in the morning with her breakfast. Glenn had the day off!! Yeah!! Grace was so excited to get a TV/VCR for the club house!! Then she had friends over for lunch and Brittany gave them tractor rides!! Then a family party for dinner, and a special gift of a little fridge from Matt and Miriam and Maggie!! Wow...they can now move into the club house!!

The table is all set for the dinner party!!

Tractor Rides by:Britt

The kids all love to be together!!
Grammie and the gang!!

Friends for lunch!!

"Mom's" in training!!! Grace and Maddie!! What great Mommy's they are going to make some day!!

Grace's gift pile!! Wow!!

Abby, Maggie, and Jon!!

Fun in the clubhouse!!

Grace and her beautiful birthday dress from Auntie Brenda!!

Grace's big surprise from Matt and Miriam......a little fridge for the club house!! Daddy and Matt bring it on up!!!

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