Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our little gift from heaven----Jonny Boy turns 7!

Friday, March 19th, we celebrated Jon's 7th birthday!
On the menu: ---On the special birthday china......
giant chocolate chip pancake, sausage and apple juice
hotdogs on the grill, cucumber slices, doritos, and switch (carbonated juice)
pizza, chips, and a salad. Trip to Johnson's dairy bar for icecream for dessert!

The theme was definitely camo. A nice camo shirt from Grammy and Grampa in Florida, camo t-shirts from others, camo pants from Mom and Dad, and a really nice camo jacket from Maddie! Jon was thrilled with all of it! He had a wonderful day, and promised he will try not to grow any taller this year so that he can get good use out of his new camo pants! That was sweet, but probably NEVER going to happen....this boy just keeps getting taller and taller and taller! He asks you all...."Can you see me now?"

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