Thursday, September 09, 2010

Fabulous Fall!

We love the Fall! We love to go apple picking at Butternut farm in Farmington. It's very close by to our house. We met our friends the Lowman's and headed there last week. We also met our dear friends the Rainey's there, too!  We were blessed to be able to also pick some of the last of their peaches, too! We packed a picnic lunch and headed there for the morning and had a wonderful time!
Grace is the spitting image of her Haitian Mama in this photo! She said..."Mom...let me carry the peaches on my head! It's way easier!"
Here's my  whole gang!
This photo isn't part of our Butternut trip, but I had to include it in our Fall photos. awesome "McGyver" hubby took an axle from an old garden tractor and built himself a great new wagon for his garden tractor. He's lovingly named it "the Heavy Hauler"...and it is just that! The kiddos get the first ride on it! He has since added sides to it, too!
Which way to our picnic lunch??

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