Saturday, November 27, 2010

How Do You Best Celebrate National Adoption Month???

Well, this is a VERY good question. In our humble opinion, the most wonderful way to celebrate this awesome month is to officially adopt! Yes, the wait is OVER! Junior and Elisha are official Winslows! Yippee! The adoption hearing was on November 4th, in the Laconia Family Court. Judge Saddler presided. She has been their judge from the beginning several years ago. This was a happy day for us all!

We were joined by our dear friends the Lowman family. Here Aggy, their Vietnamese exchange student, holds our new addition to our family, Baby Paxton. Kiara helps.

Judge Saddler reads the book Maddie made for Junior and Elisha about how they came to our family.

Praise the Lord! The adoption is official! Can you feel the joy! Even Judge Saddler celebrates with us!

Junior isn't too sure about holding baby Paxton!

We praise the Lord for His provision of these two wonderful children into our family!

We continue to smile for the cameras! The court room was full of our friends, family, and supporters!

The twins maternal grandfather joined us, as did their great aunt Belle, and their Grampa's dog "chemo"

We celebrated after the hearing with lunch at Jon's Roast Beef in Laconia. Junior ordered the BLT sub. He got the large which boasts 16 slices of bacon! Oh my!

Junior's friend Jason got the small BLT. Can you see the excitement?

Here is the whole gang. We were even joined by their CASA worker, Deb! A wonderful time was had by all!

Smile boys!

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