Friday, February 25, 2011

Thanksgiving for Their Adoptions

These poems written by my adopted children were featured this month on an entire page in the latest foster care newsletter for NH! Their heart felt words are such an encouragement to us! This my dear friends is precisely why we are involved in this ministry of raising children for God's kingdom!

It feels good to be adopted,
I am happy every day!
I love my home and my family,
They love me in so many ways!
by: Jonathan Winslow--age 7


ADOPTION--an acrostic
bandoned no longer
ad of my own
fficially a Winslow
lenty of love
ogether always
I   love my family
nce in an orphanage, now in a home
ew friends

by:  Grace Winslow--Age 14

BEING ADOPTED --an acrostic
ecause I am adopted,
ach bad memory can go away.
n case of remembrance I can think of something else.
othing can harm us anymore!
oing on in my life is the right thing to do.

A   s you get older, you have more guidance in,
oing what is right.
pening new windows to make friends and,
assing off your old life.
rusting everything will work out and that,
very blessing is from God so,
on't ever hold a grudge!
by:  Elisha Winslow--Age 11

ADOPTED an acrostic
dopted into a loving family
one with foster care forever!
utstanding love!
arents that love me!
ransitioning into a new life.
ternal love
eparting from my old life.
by:  Junior Winslow--age 11


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