Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our Family Wood Ministry!

Last year, as a family, we helped Glenn's parents cut and split and stack 5 cords of wood for their winter use. It went really well. Glenn's Dad was so excited by this, and so thankful. It was such an encouragement. So...this year he asked if we'd like to come and do it again, and we said..."Yes!" is a peek at our operation. 2 wood splitters, one hard workin' chain saw guy, (Glenn), one wood elevator, one large dump truck, and 9 hard workers to include Glenn's Dad, and his sister Wendy. It was a wonderful day, and God allowed us beautiful weather!

We started with an almost empty woodshed attached to their kitchen
And before long, with stacking help....
And many truck loads of wood!.....

We had it completely full!
And lots more stacked outside, too!

Take a peek at the behind the scenes operation! It was slick!

This equals a mighty warm farm house this winter!
Thank you for a wonderful lunch Aunt Wendy!

Nicole even joined the bunch after school and got a tractor ride!

And then we went home and celebrated Junior and Elisha's one year anniversary of being adopted into our family! November 4th 2011! It's hard to believe! It truly was a glorious day!

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