Saturday, January 07, 2012

JOY------the number is now 77 people to give $100.00!!

 We have unspeakable joy today! Thank you Lord! We had 2 more families pledge $100.00 each, and then just this morning, we had a family press $50.00 into my hand. We hadn't seen them in over a year! We also figured out our tax return on Monday, and found out that we will receive $5,700.00, which we are going to put toward our adoption expenses. We can file for that on Tuesday, January 17th! We are praising the Lord!!! So just this week, our number dropped from 134.5 people needed down to 77! God is soooooo good!

We have also been presented with another birth mother. We were given a call on her yesterday. The family that was matched with her has backed out of the adoption due to concern about the mom's consumption of alcohol. So she was presented to us, and we said yes, that we'd like our profile to be presented to her. We are willing to take that risk!

Please pray! We are short a significant amount of money that the Arizona attorney believes is needed. The birth mom's name is Nichole, and she is going to have a baby girl on or about January 29th. Our family is a carbon copy match to the family who backed out. It's not a coincidence at all! We know that God has orchestrated this! We also know that God is able to handle all of the details of this entire process! We have a great peace! We thank you so much for your prayers, and we promise to keep you posted!

We are specifically praying for softened hearts and our testimony, and for wisdom and God's will!

In His Care,


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