Thursday, May 03, 2012

Happy 21st Birthday Gabe!!!

Family is such a blessing to my heart! Imagine my excitement to hear from my brother Mike in Hawaii that he and his son Gabe would be visiting with us this week! We haven't seen Gabe since he was 4 years old, none of my children at home had ever met Gabe, and he'd be celebrating his 21st birthday with us!! What an amazing gift from the Lord! Take a peek for yourself!

Gabe and Edward and Jon loved playing soldier!!

We love you Uncle Mike!!!

Have you ever had a friend that listened to EVERYTHING you said??? I mean EVERYTHING?? Well...this is the type of friendship that Gabe and Jon developed instantly! It was sooo cool!

Uncle Mike does facetime with Miriam!

Gabe's birthday breakfast on the fancy birthday dishes! He had a giant pancake and bacon and fruit salad and apple juice.

That evening we all piled into our 15 passenger van for a special birthday dinner at Happy Family restaurant in        Epsom. . Glenn, Great Grammie Winslow, Grampa Dave, Grammie Linda, Uncle Mike, Gabe, Me, Madelyn, Grace, Elisha, Edward, Jonathan, Nicole and Rosie! Wow!

Joining us at the restaurant were Chris and Brittany and our precious granddaughter Marlie!! Such a treat!! Also joining us were Gabe's other Grandmother Connie, and her daughter Heidi, and Heidi's daughter Bekah. Here is the whole gang! There were 19 of us all together!

Marlie meets her Auntie Rosie! Crazy, huh??

Marlie really loved Rosie!

We enjoyed a few rounds of the telephone game after we ate! It was really fun!!

After dinner we came back to our home for some homemade icecream cake and presents!

Great Grammie enjoyed the fellowship, too!

It was Uncle Mike's 46th birthday last week on the 26th of April so we celebrated that, too!

Gabe had a great time opening his gifts!

He was especially excited by the scratch tickets from Grampa!
 Happy Birthday Gabe! We love you! Now...promise us we won't wait another 17 years before we see you again, okay???

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