Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Today we had the amazing blessing of celebrating Madelyn's 18th birthday! It was a wonderful day ALL the way around! Take a peek! On the menu this morning was THM chocolate chip pancakes with sausage, orange juice, and yogurt and fruit parfait! 

(I still can't believe Madelyn is 18)--sigh..big sigh..where does the time go??

 Birthday breakfast which Dad was able to be home for! Yay!

 Present time after breakfast! Such fun!

 Truly one of the most precious gifts was this beautiful album that Elisha put together for Madelyn. was amazing. Elisha wrote to 40 people close to Madelyn in June and asked them to submit a 4x6 photo and or bible verse or words of encouragement. She put this together, and oh...what a keepsake! Truly a blessing!
 Maddie's arm...a true missionary!

 Then we had a luncheon for her birthday today, too. Brittany and the girls came and so did my Dad! We had a blessed time! On the menu:
grilled chicken wraps loaded with lots of goodies, Cape Cod chips, and fresh fruit. Fudgicles for dessert and then a swim time in the pool while Grampa Dave and Rosie took a nap! Yeah!
 Jonnie and Annie girl!
 Now I just LOVE this photo! Such a blessing to my heart! God has truly restored what the locusts had eaten! Thank you Lord!
Marlie helped get ready for lunch!

Auntie Rosie LOVES to play with Marlie! So sweet!
 Present time after lunch!

 Such a blessing from Brittany--the start of a charm bracelet. The first charm says:  "sisters"
 What???? Grampa surprised Maddie with her very own i-Pad mini! Wow!!! She was soooo excited! I'll post a video soon!
 Elisha with her favorite girlies:  Rosie, Annie, and Marlie!

 Pool time fun on a hot, hot day!

 Jon and Nicole gave Madelyn this floating ring! Soooo comfy!

 Grampa decided to play war with the younger kids while we waited for supper!
A really cool shirt Edward and Elisha gave to Maddie today!

On the menu for tonight's supper:  pizza rolls, wontons, egg rolls, potstickers, spinach and broccoli and then a homemade icecream cake, custom made with mint icecream, oreos, m&ms, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce! Wow! Happy Birthday dear sweet Madelyn. We love you so much! Love Mom


MamaV said...

Your birthdays have good food!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday, Madelyn! What a precious day filled with the people you love. So many great memories! I loved the photo of you and your girls, Mary. That is so special. :)

May the Lord bless this coming year in your life Madelyn. You are a gift to so many.