Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It was a VERY nice day!

It's so hard to believe that our littlest blessing from the Lord turned 2 today! Rosie had some very definite things she wanted for this day:
Donuts for breakfast
McDonald's for lunch
Spaghetti for supper and...
A bear cake for dessert with icecream!

You got it sweetie!

We'll even throw in a few surprises, too! kay??

 So Madelyn surprised Rosie with her very own Veggie Tales pop up tent! Oh my goodness...that was the total HIT of the day! Even room for Daddy to come in and play! Wow!

 Of course Nicole LOVED to play in the tent, too!  Sigh...Nicole..you are getting soooo big! I remember when Maddie wore those strawberry jammies! Wow!

 So...a very "healthy" NOT...breakfast of fruit loops and chocolate covered donuts was served!

 Hmmmmm....what should I do next, thought Rosie!????
 Okay...let's open some presents! Yup!! Let's!

 So for lunch we got to go to our local McDonald's and Glenn works 2 minutes from there so he joined us, and so did Brittany and Marlie, and Annie, too! Hey..Aunt Rosie..you and Marlie are both 2 for about a month!! Wow!

 Everyone had a great time!

 Okay...so here is the bear cake! Yup...isn't it cute?? Rosie LOVED it!

 No bath is complete without her new veggie tales water fun thingy! Yeah!!
 Then it was time for cake and pin the tail on the donkey..which guess what??? Rosie won!! Yup!!

We love you so much Miss Rosalinda Marguerite Winslow! You are such a joy in our lives! Praying God's blessing on your up and coming year!


Hope Rising Farm said...

What a fun day! So glad everyone enjoyed it so!

Mum said...

Could Rosie be any cuter?