Friday, April 11, 2014

Plantin' Pansies, Barefoot, Snowman makin', icecream lickin', raking fun this day!

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens" Ecclesiastes 3:1.

In this Spring season..(hoorayforSpringohhowlongwe've waited for you!!! )we had much to do this day! (Today)----This was a VERY good day. My Dad comes home from Florida today, and in preparation for his longly waited arrival, we went up North and planted pansies in my Mom's window boxes as a tribute to her. You see, each year on her way home from Florida, she'd have my Dad stop and get her pansies to add that much anticipated color to her winter window boxes!

What a beautiful celebration of Spring we had today, the kids, the dog and I! The only thing missing was Maddie who had to work...sigh...

 On the way to my Dad's we saw this lone Tom turkey!
 So...there is still a GREAT amount of winter hanging on at my Dad's, and so Edward and Jon spent our time there clearing the over 5 inches of ice build up on the walk way to get in! Tough work it was!
 So over the years my Mom has become quite famous for her window boxes!! It was such a blessing to do this tribute to her this year!

 On the way in, many, many, customers and even the post mistress came over to comment how excited they were for the flowers and the beautiful color!
 So...give us a 70 degree day, and still 2 feet of snow near the garage of my Dad's and what do you get?? Some barefoot girlies deciding to "chill" out and even build a snow man! Crazy!!!

 Hazel even joined in the fun!

 Here is Olof, the Spring snowman. His days are VERY numbered!

 And though they knew we were coming...Bobby-Sue's icecream opened today! So of course, we had an icecream lunch after all of our hard work! Yay!!

 Then..when we got home, the kids wanted to rake and clean out the flower bed! Wow! Of course you can, I say! I also got to put in my own pansies in my window boxes this afternoon!
 It was a VERY good day indeed! Thank you Lord!

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Jennifer said...

Such a sweet day Mary! I love pansies too. :) Barefootin in the snow, brrrrrr!!! Love Ya.