Wednesday, September 16, 2015

We thank our God upon EVERY remembrance of you! Phil 1:3

And that is EXACTLY what we are doing this day! Thank you so much to the generous folks that gave to our You Caring Page. What an amazing blessing it is to us to have such encouragement! We now only need $1,630.00 to meet our next goal! In one day we received $370.00!! Yay! Did you know that to meet our goal we need only 20 people to give $81.50 each?? There are so many people that would like to help in one way or another with the orphan crisis in our world. Many times I've donated to other's adoptions when there was a need. It's such a GREAT way to help! Right now we are asking for donations to our You Caring Page because this money goes directly into our checking account so that we have immediate access to it. This is important at this stage. 

Many of you have asked if you could see a photo of our precious little girl that we are bringing home! You can see a photo of her HERE!! We will name her AnnaBella Grace. She is 5 years old and isn't she just precious?? A picture truly is worth 1,000 words and we just can NOT wait to bring her home! It's so hard, because I LOVE photos and we are not able to post photos of her until she is officially ours in their court system. It's soooooooo hard! So for now, I can show you that one! I do have precious up to date photos that I look at daily! 

Many of you have also asked what things are looking like for our time frame to take our first trip to meet her. I think it's probably going to be this Fall sometime. We just received I-800 A approval from our government and so now a BIG pile of papers about us are being compiled, and once we make our next payment, those papers will be appostilled and sent to Bulgaria for review and our first trip will be set up for us!

Just another reminder of what a difference that love and prayers make in the lives of a child:

Jerry and JoyAnna home one year on August 6th, 2015!!! Amazing! 
We stand amazed at God's provision. Someone had once said to us:  If it's in God's will, He'll foot the bill! And it's sooooooo true!

Thank you! We sure do love you! 

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