Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Dream Come True for Maddie and Grace---Their 1st Annual Formal Tea Party!

Maddie and Grace and two of their close friends decided they wanted to have a formal Christmas tea party. So...they got together and had many meetings to plan it. They each agreed to bring special food and formal china, and agreed on a location for the tea party, too! So...where does one go for an outfit for such an event?? Well...to Sally's boutique of course! a.k.a. Salvation Army Thrift Store! On half price day...which is Wednesdays! So....both Grace and Maddie found their dress there in the bridal section! 4.00 each! Such a bargain...so...with some creativity and hemming, they were all set! Enjoy these photos of the event!

On the menu:
chicken salad sandwiches
egg salad sandwiches
peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches
fruit salad
shirley temples
zucchinni bread
tea-- of course
sugar cookies
They had a devotion and time of prayer, singing, games and crafts! They planned it all themselves and had a great time!

All of the girls in attendance! Such a wonderful and blessed day!
The Mom's got a chance to have our own potluck lunch...very informal and have a time of fellowship during the tea party! That was precious, too!

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