Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas and Winter Time Fun!

We just love the Christmas season. We love to keep the focus on Jesus and God's gift to us in this world! We love the white snow reminding us of how clean Jesus' blood washes our sins away...as white as snow! We love that reminder! We also love to exchange gifts as a reminder of this gift of love! We are so thankful for the home God has given us. A home filled with love that keeps us warm and gives us shelter. This is our 8th year in this home!

The girls were so excited to get matching pj bottoms for Christmas!

We love to exchange gifts, too! It reminds us of God's gift to us!
Everyone was very excited at the gifts that others in the family got for them. Simple gifts, yet very meaningful!

After our breakfast and gift exchange we headed to "Winslow Mountain" in Deerfield for a celebration with Glenn's folks. Here is a couch filled with cousins! All of Grampa and Grammie's grandchildren on one couch! It was a nice reunion as Brittany hadn't been home for 4 months and hadn't seen anyone since well before she left for Michigan!

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