Thursday, June 24, 2010

Catch the Silly Bandz Craze!'s finally happened...and all from a trip to the dentist! As a little token for being good, the kids all got two silly bandz. What are they you ask? Well....check it out! It's the latest craze to sweep the nation! Now, Grammie Linda has gotten in on it, and Uncle Mike, too, and so the kids each have an armful of the bandz and are trading with each other like crazy...they are also very generous with them, too, and have given bunches of them away to many people. That's been cool! Yup...even Mom is in on the deal. As I type, some of my bandz are glowing in the dark! Such fun!

P.S.--Yes we take them off at night when we go to bed, so no cutting off of the circulation, and Yes, they are "banned" from the Winslow homeschool during school time so as not to cause unnecessary distractions. They are just so much fun! Yes, even the Mom likes them!

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