Monday, October 11, 2010

September is a super busy and fun month for our family!

We love the Fall, and the wonder and excitement that the changing season brings! It's our first day of homeschooling--22nd anniversary, birthdays, and Deerfield fair extravaganza month! Here are some photos of our fun filled month of September!

And they're all in their places with bright shining faces! This is the first day of the Winslow homeschool 2010! This is our 11th year of homeschooling! Wow! Where does the time go? Right now we have a: 1st grader, 2--6th graders, a 7th grader and a 10th grader! Wow!
We enjoyed a wonderful birthday celebration by spending the day at the Montshire Children's museum in Norwich, VT. This is a wonderful hands on museum!  From there we went to the King Arthur Factory and baking school! It was a wonderful day and even better because we spent it with our dear friends the Lowman's!

We had a lovely anniversary dinner at T-Bones Steak House in Lakeport! Yum!

22 years together and still going strong! Praise the Lord! Thank you Lord for my wonderful husband!

We just LOVE the Deerfield Fair! We entered a lot of things this year, and really enjoyed our day there!

Maddie, Aria, Grace and Elisha--Fair time friends!

This is Grace's blue ribbon pizza cake! The judge's loved it!

Maddie made this beautiful teapot cake! She did a great job!

Elisha had so much fun making this cow cake!

Chef Junior won a blue ribbon with this hotdog and fries cake!

More fair fun with friends!

The fair wouldn't be complete without the beloved pig scramble. Junior and Elisha were too old for the day we went, and Jon isn't quite old enough! Next year Jonnie Boy! Next year! 2 of our friends caught piglets, though. Joshua Platte, and Jonathan Thorn! Great job boys!

Must do a photo shoot next to the prize winning largest pumpkin! This years' weighed in at 1322 pounds! Wow!

This lovely couple are the newlywed Matras's. Jessie and Jessica! Married in June of this year, they entered in the home garden display and won first place as well as the coveted Howard King award! Their display contained all of their produce from their first garden together as a married couple!

We tried our hand at a family display this year. We entered the educational display in the fruits and vegetables building. We educated folks on all the different types of squash. We won 2nd prize, which is 125.00! Yeah! We all helped out with the display. It was a wonderful family effort. Glenn made the farm stand, and the kids made the posters. We learned a lot about squash, too!


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