Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Grace Has Decided......October 27, 2010

 On Monday Grace said to me, "Mom, I would like to be baptized to show to others my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ."

Well...I reminded her that it was October 25, and that there might not be an opportunity outdoors until the Spring. She did NOT want to wait. 

Our church fellowship has had some baptisms in a big black tub using hot water to fill it. So that was an option.

Then the Lord saw fit to give us two days of 70 degree weather in a row. "How about Wednesday night at Aunt France's camp?", I asked her. "Would that be okay?"..."Oh yes, Mama, I would love that!", said Grace.

And so it was...tonight, with the crowd of witnesses of her siblings and parents, Grace Mikaelle Inolan Winslow was baptized, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

After the baptism ceremony we all joined in singing: I Have Decided To Follow Jesus. May there be "no turning back", Grace! We love you!

Can you see the JOY? ...and yes...I believe they were a bit cold, too, but neither the rain, nor the cold water could dampen the joy in obeying the Lord!

Grace remembers well the day of her salvation at the age of 8 in Haiti. Under the encouragement of Mama  Robere' her Christian nanny, she accepted the Lord Jesus. She also remembers a celebration meal of spaghetti with a special sauce which had hotdogs in it. honor of her baptism, we served that very meal. It was delicious!  May God Bless you richly dear Grace as you follow Him!

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