Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Labor of Love

This past Sunday our dear friends Loree, and Donna gave Grace hair extensions. It truly was a labor of love, but with wonderful results! Here is a before picture.

The first step was to braid her hair in rows.

The next step was to take sections of the hair extensions and use a crochet hook to pull them through sections of the braids.

Starting at the bottom, they added the hair sections and braided each one slightly and actually super glued the ends of the extension braids to secure them.

Almost done and time for a supper break!

Wow...what wonderful results! Glenn says we may have to lock her up for a few months as this makes her look tons older...and if possible, even more beautiful! We had folks at our church candlelight service that evening, that had seen her that morning, come up to us and say..."Wow...Grace should wear her hair down more often, it's beautiful!" for thought...where would she have put all of this hair? It was funny! Total time...about 4.5 hours. Total cost for the hair products....under $20.00. Cost to put them in if we went to a least $500.00!....end result.....PRICELESS!! Thank you soooo much ladies!

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