Thursday, December 09, 2010

My How He's Grown!

I just have to post a few photos of Paxton and how he's grown! He's almost doubled his birth weight! Praise the Lord!

You may remember when I posted the photo above. That was in October when Paxton first arrived here. We took the picture next to Maddie's life sized baby doll. We took this new picture just this week! Wow! Look at the difference!   
This photo was taken at Friendly's restaurant in Rochester on Halloween night. We went there for our dinner, as it's our custom to go out to eat on Halloween to avoid the "crowds". This woman asked to hold him. Then she called her husband over, and it turns out her husband is the pastor of a local church and they were there for icecream after the Sunday night service. When she heard Paxton's story, she asked her husband to pray for Paxton right there in Friendly's restaurant! It was a wonderful prayer and we were just so blessed and encouraged in the Lord! 
What a difference 6 weeks of good country livin' makes in the life of a babe, huh?

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