Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What?? My "Homegrown" baby girl is driving?? This CAN NOT BE!!!

Oh....My dear Miss Madelyn has been counting down the days until January 17, 2011, but her Daddy and I haven't been! Can it be true?? Is she already 15 and a half years old. BIG sigh....yes she is!

Has it really been that long since...
She turned 11??

She first started wearing glasses??

It was just her and Brittany??
She was knee high to a grasshopper?? is true, she is driving, and it's official! 

She's doing great, though, and hopes to have many more driving experiences! Glenn took her out on Monday and drove the back roads to the White Buffalo in Barnstead. It was eventful! You'll have to ask her about the details! We sure do covet your prayers for her safety, though!

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