Friday, March 04, 2011

Counting it ALL Joy!!!

Well, if there is one thing I've heard consistently in this last month from folks around here, it's complaints about the weather, the snow, and the temperatures. Hmmmm...aren't we to count it ALL joy? Yes, we are! God is in control of yes, even the weather! So...when we complain about things like the weather, we are really complaining about God! Keeping that in mind...I dedicate this post to counting it ALL joy, including our winter weather!!

Thank you God for:  More opportunities to snowshoe. Something we LOVE to do!

Thank you God for plenty of snow to use my snowshoes!

Thank you God for cold enough temperatures to ice skate!

Thank you God for my siblings to have fun with while ice skating!

Thank you God for the largest snowbanks that we can remember! What fun!

Thank you God for keeping the snowbank in tack for a bit longer that is now holding up our mailbox! (Early in the winter the plow truck of our town broke our granite mailbox post)

Thank you God for the huge snowbanks outside our windows that are so pretty to look at! 

 Won't you join us in giving thanks for ALL things, and counting it ALL joy?

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