Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Great To Be Eight!!

It's so hard to believe that our beloved Jonnie Boy is 8!! What a blessing he is to our family. He's a constant bundle of energy, and he's our resident stand up comedian. We love you so much Jon! Happy Birthday!!

I just had to put a photo of Jon as a baby. This is in his crib at the orpahange in Haiti. He was 1 and a half years old here. Sooooo cute!!

And now he's super tall and 8! Wow! We have a tradition of counting down the days until a birthday. Here is Jon on his birthday!

Jon is ready for his birthday breakfast on the special dishes!

On the menu...a giant chocolate chip pancake and sausage and  apple juice. And a token small cup of coffee! Yum!

It's present time. Jon opens his gift from Grampa and Grammie sent from Florida!

Wow...a fire fighter! That is so cool!

Jon is super excited about his model rocket kit to build with Glenn!

Smile Jonnie Boy!

Jon loved his ice cream cake. We made it together! Happy Birthday Jon! We love you!

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