Monday, April 16, 2012

Few shots of Rosie! case you were wondering why no blog posts have come your way lately, it's because I just got my beloved Mac Book Pro back from the "shop" after being gone for 3 weeks! YIKES...I was stuck using my old desk top computer for everything. Slow and steady for sure!

Had to share some up to date photos of our precious Rosie girl!

This is me and my dear new friend Joy Cozzi. We met at our homeschool convention last year, and were both in the process of trying to add to our family through private adoption! Imagine our excitement when we saw each other this year with our new blessings from the Lord! Rosalinda meets Eliana snuggled into our matching Moby wraps! God is sooo good!

Here is our family with Doug Dagarin and Dan Kozier the Alert Cadet guys that stayed in our home during the convention! So much fun!

Here's our sleeping beauty!

Rosie's really gaining ground next to Maddie's baby doll!

Here's lookin' at you!!!

Love the precious smile!!!

Who me???

All dressed up for Easter Sunday!

We love you so much precious Rosalinda Marguerite Winslow!

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