Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A New "DO" for Jonny Boy!!!!

So...the other night "Nolie's" Hair Salon was open for business for her one and only customer...her brother Jon. You see Jon's hair had gotten REALLY long. And his hair is like a bunch of tiny springs all pressed down against his head. When they grow, they just get a bit more poofy, and really, really thick against his head. traps everything down at the scalp. We wondered why Jon was scratching his head so much lately, and we found out why! He had several months worth of un-rinsed out shampoo trapped down there! Oh my....when Grace started to cut down toward his scalp, you could see all of the white! When she tried to brush it out, it was like a dust storm it was soooo bad!

Before photos!! You can almost see the little tiny springs of his hair! 
Once Grace got down far enough and discovered all of the build up...Jon took a shower and used some medicated shampoo and tried to get it all out and then Grace cut the rest of his  hair using a shaving razor. 

He's one happy boy now! Take a peek!

What a HUGE difference!!

 Another satisfied customer of "Nolie's" hair salon!! Thank you Grace!!!

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