Monday, March 10, 2014

Stitched with Love Part Two!

And here they are...the first 5 quilts, machine quilted and binded and ready to go on our trip with us on Friday! Here is what Loree had to say when she sent me the photo of the finished quilts:

"Here are the first 5 completed quilts.  They will go with the Winslows onFriday.  The next 5 should be done by this weekend, then we have close to 8
more tops started.  When the Winslows go back we will send them- next trip!
These look GREAT!!  We are grateful to Jean B. who quilted the tops with the
long arm machine at Sanford Sewing.  Just thought you'd all like to see
these before they go out!  Ladies anyway... Blessings!  Loree"Would you like me to send you that pic bigger to put on your blog?  I’m hoping this will inspire some future quilters or sewers in our fellowship! "

So we got together again, the ladies young and old, and had a wonderful day of stitching and fellowship to piece together more quilts for the orphans in Bulgaria! What a blessing!

Our dear friend Vicki was able to join us this time! Great to have you Vicki!

As you can see, there were things to do for everyone!

Great to have you join us Sharon and Celina!

Dayna and Maddie had a great time!

 was really cool, because even Brian got involved by doing some seam ripping! Yay!

And when we were done, we enjoyed a wonderful pot luck supper of chili and cornbread! Thank you Christine for your amazing hospitality!
Just like last time, our littlest quilter got plum tuckered out!

We came upstairs from cleaning up to find Brian reading to the kids! Wow!
Sweet fellowship with mother and daughter!

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