Monday, March 17, 2014

This Day We Have Hope that can only come from Him!

"Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord." 

Today, in just 2 hours, we will meet our precious new gift from the Lord, JoyAnna. It is with great hope and anticipation we will walk up those many flights of stairs to meet her. To travel where we have already traveled once before. To meet up with the same social worker, and same director that Zoey had. 

Today we will shed tears in remembrance of Zoey, and what could have been, but also tears of rejoicing to know she is now with Jesus. Tears of excitement and joy as we meet JoyAnna, and are reunited with Zoey's caregiver Nina and give her a special gift from us.

Today we will give 5 quilts stitched with love by myself and the ladies young and old from our church. A gift that crosses many boundaries, both geographical and spiritual! A gift from the heart!  A gift that will transcend all barriers and show Christ's love!

We won't be able to take pictures at this first visit, as we have to go through a notary and that can't be until lunch time. We must sign a paper stating we won't use the photos for commercial purposes or purposes not related to our adoption. Sigh...that's okay, though, because we can just love on her and not have to worry about "capturing the moment" behind the camera! So we promise lots of photos from our afternoon visit and other visits, too!

Thank you all for praying! We love you bunches! 

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