Saturday, August 02, 2014

Today was a good day!

So just a quick note. Today was a full day, and actually a very good day. We went out together as a group, and had a good time, but needed to come back for some MUCH needed resting by our little Jeremiah man! Oh my!

Then, Sylvia and I went out to do the quick errands we couldn't do before due to Jerry's meltdown, and got Grace some special items in her favorite color!!!
Then we went down to a lovely dinner in the hotel restaurant with our friends. We LOVE Mero the waiter. He's awesome!!! Enjoyed the chocolate souffle for dessert!
Gave the kiddos a bath and they say in the lego movie....

EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!! Sweet dreams to the kiddos!!! 
I just LOVE that JoyAnna falls asleep so quicky on her belly!!! What a blessing!

Tomorrow we will meet up with Jeff Shepherd and his family and go to church! Praise The Lord!!! What an encouragement that will be!!!

Good night all!!!

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