Saturday, March 07, 2015

Here We Grow Again! (by 2 feet!)

Yes, it is true! Yes we are stepping out in faith and God has shown us our newest blessing! It's been an amazing whirlwind for us this past week to include taking our kids to see the Drop Box. What an amazing film that was in soooooo many ways and on so many levels an encouragement and inspiration to us!! A definite must see!

We are still in the VERY beginning stages and hope to be committed to our newest blessing early next week and so the details are sparse, but our love for this littlest Winslow is bursting at the seams! Will you join us in praying without ceasing??! We promise to keep you updated! In the meantime....would love to share with you our 7 month photos of Jerry and JoyAnna being home! Incredible!!

We love you and promise to keep you posted!

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