Monday, June 15, 2015

Look to the ant....Consider her ways....and be wise Proverbs 6:6/Reece's Rainbow

I was thinking a lot about the ant while out gardening this weekend. I'm always amazed to go out in the morning and find hundreds of little piles of dirt with holes in the top that the ants have worked on all night long. The ant is NEVER lazy or NOT doing something. 

Did you know that in His word, God speaks strongly about the ant as a wonderful example for us to follow? 

The next verse says: 
It (the ant) has no commander, no overseer or ruler, 
8 yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest. 

Considering the ant and her ways:
Her ways; her actions and manner of living, especially her diligence and providence, which are the things commended in her, of which naturalists give many instances, as that the ants watch the fittest seasons for all things, that they provide most plentifully against the time of famine, that they never hinder, but always assist, one another in their work, and unite their force together to carry away such things as are too large or heavy for one of them; that they prepare fit cells or repositories for their corn in the ground, and such as the rain cannot easily reach; and if through excessive rain their corn be wet, they bring it forth to be dried; that they bite off the ends of the grains of corn that they may not grow.

The ant has NO commander, no one telling it what to do, and yet it is ALWAYS working at something, storing away for the winter and gathering food when the time is exactly right.  They NEVER hinder one another and always assist each other in their work. They work together when something is too hard for one of them. They prepare proper storage for their hard work. Amazing! 

Another job of the ant is found on our precious peony plants from Glenn's grandmother Smith. A dear friend of mine was just commenting on our peony plants and how pretty they were, and how hers were so bright and colorful right now. I asked her..."Did you know that it's the ant who helps the flower to open?" and she did not realize this. I didn't either a few years ago, and so I was always brushing the ants off of the peony buds. Then I read this:  

"Ants are only attracted to peonies just before the flowers open. They dine on some of the nectar that's released by the flower as it opens. And, as it happens, the ants ultimately help protect the buds from other insects that might eat the flower. It works out well for ant and peony. The ants won't stay around when the peonies have finished blooming and won't hurt your house."

And so now I marvel at how God has designed this entire process, and trust His perfect plan even for something like the ant and the peony! 

If I am willing, there are life lessons for me even amongst my everyday jobs, like gardening, and yes, even weeding! Thank you God for ALL that you show me each and every day! May I always be tenderhearted and teachable! 

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