Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Top 10 things I've been thinking about/praying for this week / Reece's Rainbow Down's Syndrome

10.  Camping with our dear, dear adoptive friends this August--HERE, and how much fun we are going to have, and if we will all be able to fit in our camper. Hmmmm.

9.  The exciting gift I'm planning to give Glenn for Father's day. He doesn't go on the computer, so I can tell you all about it! I'm going to rent him a Bobcat for a weekend so that he can use it here on the farm! He is going to be soooooo excited!!! Sssshhhhh. I'm renting it for him HERE!! Check it out! 

8.  All of the things that need to be done in preparation for Madelyn's upcoming wedding in August. Food, invitations out, and all of that! Read her exciting story HERE!! Please pray for all of these details and that God would be glorified!

7.  Is the Keppra JoyAnna takes each day causing all of her mood swings and discomfort?? I think it is! You can read the article that I am showing my husband HERE . You see, if you didn't know, JoyAnna is from Bulgaria. We brought home her and Jeremiah last August.  In Bulgaria, JoyAnna was in a very difficult medical orphanage. She spent at least 4 years of her life in a crib with VERY little human interaction. She had many unnecessary surgeries and was given MANY if NOT all of her medical diagnosis unnecessarily, too. Why?? That's hard to know. Only the doctors there know for sure, but they will answer to God one day for this. Anyway, one diagnosis was epilepsy and she was on a VERY strong sedative for that there. Once she got here, she was weaned off that and put on Keppra. She has not had any seizure activity here in America and her EEG showed now seizure activity either. So....hopefully a sleep EEG is in her future and we can rule out the epilepsy and be done with the Keppra. Praying this is the case and would covet your prayers, too!  Just look at the difference in her demeanor from August 2014 until just last week! 

Isn't that amazing?? To God be the glory!! 

**Yes, I have 11 kids and think about a LOT of things! Yes, maybe sometimes I have smoke coming from my ears, too! :)

6.  When will my daughter Brittany have her baby?? She is due June 27th. Her last 2 girlies have been 2 weeks late. I can't wait to meet little Jolie! 

5.  Will my son Jon be taller than any of us soon? (he's 12 and already in size 18 pants for height) He has BIG hands and feet, and so I'm thinking, yes!!

4.  Will we be able to keep the deer out of our garden this year with our fencing? Praying so! They ate a LOT of our precious produce last year!

3.  Praying for relief for my daughter Grace from her Lyme disease. Please join me in prayer for this.

2.  Will JoyAnna learn to walk this side of heaven?

AND.....drum roll please...........

1.  What is will be like when I can go and hold our newest blessing and love on her for the first time! While I can't post her picture on the internet, there is a photo of her that you can see:  HERE And I have newer more up to date photos and videos of her. Can I describe her to you? Well, her Bulgarian name is just 4 short letters and it means:  God Has Added. We hope to name her Annabella Grace (her Bulgarian name) Winslow. She is the sweetest little cherub, she truly is, and she has been blessed with an extra chromosome! We are soooooo excited! Would you be willing to pray for us? You can help us bring her home either HERE, or HERE. Thank you soooooo much! 

And so...just a little glimpse into my world this week! And yes, the week is only half over! Of course this is what God says about what to be thinking about in Philippians 4:8.  I'll leave you with that! 
"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things."

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Hope Rising Farm said...

Your week is reading a bit like ours....glad God is building strong mammas and that we can encourage one another!