Saturday, October 10, 2015

You just HAVE to see this!

For all of my friends that aren't on Facebook! I HAD to share this with you! It's just exudes JOY!!! 

Sweetest thing EVER!!
Jerry "reading" his kid's Bible to JoyAnna: "JoyAnna, this is Jesus. You need to know him. He's super special. He died on the cross for you, JoyAnna! Do you hear me??? I'll say it again...He died on the cross for you! And for me, too! He's our savior! Isn't that GREAT JoyAnna, isn't it?"
To me: "Mom, I'm telling JoyAnna all about Jesus and what He did for her!"
Me: (with teary eyes!)..."Oh Jerry, that's wonderful! Thank you for sharing that with her!"
Now my friends, that is what it's all about!! To GOD be the glory!
Home one year. Knew NO English coming here last year and  sharing the gospel! !! It truly doesn't get ANY better than this! 

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